How To Enter The Web Interface

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How To Enter The Web Interface
How To Enter The Web Interface

Video: How To Enter The Web Interface

Video: How To Enter The Web Interface
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Many users use routers or routers to create local area networks with Internet access. If they plan to include laptops in the network, then choose equipment that supports the function of creating a Wi-Fi network.

How to enter the web interface
How to enter the web interface


Wi-Fi router


Step 1

Get the right router first (if you haven't already). Pay attention to the types of radio transmission and the types of security with which this equipment works.

Step 2

Unpack the Wi-Fi router and turn on the device after plugging it in. Find a WAN channel (DSL, Internet) in the device and connect an Internet cable to it.

Step 3

Connect all stationary computers to Ethernet (LAN) channels. Include one of them. Open the instructions for your Wi-Fi router. Find the value of the original IP address in it.

Step 4

Enter this value into the address bar of the browser, pre-registering the characters http://. The web interface of the equipment settings will open in the browser window.

Step 5

First of all, you need to set up an Internet connection. Open the Internet Setup Settings menu. Change the values of certain items on this menu, guided by the recommendations of the specialists of your provider.

Step 6

Save the settings and reboot the hardware. Make sure the connection to the server is established. Now move on to creating a wireless network.

Step 7

Open the Wireless Setup Settings menu. Create and enter a name and password for this access point. Select the type of security and type of radio appropriate for your notebooks.

Step 8

Save the settings. Reboot your device. Connect laptops to the created network. In the event that you enabled the DHCP function when setting up your Internet connection, you do not need to change the parameters of network adapters.

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