How To Change The Weather City

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How To Change The Weather City
How To Change The Weather City

Video: How To Change The Weather City

Video: How To Change The Weather City
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Internet search pages usually contain a lot of useful information, which makes it easier to search the pages and saves time. Here you can find out the latest world news, exchange rates, exact time and weather outside the window.

How to change the weather city
How to change the weather city


Step 1

By default, the search page automatically detects the city you are in and shows you the exact local time and temperature, weather conditions and atmospheric pressure. However, sometimes this information can get lost and show you the data of another city.

Step 2

Or, on the contrary, there are situations when a user, going on a trip to another region or country, wants to know what kind of weather will prevail at the place of arrival. In these cases, you need to change the data about your location in the weather forecast settings.

Step 3

So, open your home page or any other search engine that displays your city's weather. As a rule, you are presented with only one weather window - the current day with the real temperature at the moment. Click on this window, and you will see an extended description of weather conditions for today and a week in advance.

Step 4

The city the page is configured for is written above the weather information. To change it, press the button "On the map". Move the cursor on the map by holding down the left mouse button. "Clinging" to the map, select the settlement you are interested in. By moving the cursor to another city on the map, you will see how many degrees it is now and whether it is raining. However, this method is convenient only when the settlement is located near the default city.

Step 5

There is a search bar above the map window that performs queries on the map. Enter the name of the city you are interested in and click "OK". The map will change the displayed coordinates and show you the selected settlement. After that, you will see the weather of the given city by going to the home page on the Internet.

Step 6

You can select a city from the search engine list by clicking on the "Select city" button. You will see a list of settlements in alphabetical order. Click on any of them and you will see the desired weather.

Step 7

You can also change the weather city in the time zone settings. Open the search page and click on the clock. You will see a list of time zones and cities located within their boundaries. Click on the city you need and it will be displayed in the weather forecast.