How To Get An Activation Key

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How To Get An Activation Key
How To Get An Activation Key

Video: How To Get An Activation Key

Video: How To Get An Activation Key
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Activation occurs through the introduction of an activation key. It allows you to run a protected application exclusively on the end user's computer. This is a kind of protection of program files from unauthorized access. As a rule, all purchased licensed products require a key to be entered.

How to get an activation key
How to get an activation key


Step 1

In each specific case, the key activation method will be different, but there is approximately one algorithm.

Go to the website of the manufacturer / developer of the program or game.

Step 2

Enter your credentials and log in.

Step 3

In the site menu, find the tabs "Get a key", "Activate", "Activation" or "Help".

Step 4

Further, two options are possible: either the manufacturer has provided for online key generation, in which case you will see the inscription "Welcome to the Master …", or you will be asked to enter the registration data of the product you purchased. Using the prompts of the system, get the actual key (as a rule, this is an alphanumeric name with a length of 8 to 24 characters).

Step 5

The system will offer to save the key to an alternative medium. Don't neglect this! Be sure to copy (this is often done automatically and only consent is required from you) to a flash card or hard drive.

Next, click "Activate". Depending on what exactly you purchased, the system may prompt you to restart your computer, or it will immediately address you to the program / game, the key to which you activated and, therefore, were able to freely access.

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