How To Enter Emoticons

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How To Enter Emoticons
How To Enter Emoticons

Video: How To Enter Emoticons

Video: How To Enter Emoticons
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When expressing our thoughts in writing, we do not always have enough emotion. After all, the interlocutor does not see your eyes, does not hear the tone of the voice. And the meaning of words alone is not enough for accurate understanding. And it is for this purpose that emoticons serve - icons symbolizing a particular state of mind. As a rule, programs for communication on the Internet offer a set of emoticons for expressing emotions. But if for some reason they were not there, you can enter them yourself.

How to enter emoticons
How to enter emoticons


Step 1

To express a smile, enter in a row, without spaces, a colon, a hyphen, and a closing parenthesis. It should turn out:-). Add another closing parenthesis to express laughter.:-)). To show that you are laughing out loud, literally bursting into laughter, enter a colon, a hyphen, and a capital letter D. You should get:-D.

Step 2

In a minor state of mind, use the following signs:

: - | - brooding (colon, hyphen, vertical bar - get it by pressing the key to the left of the backspace in English mode);

:-(- sad (colon, hyphen, open parenthesis).

Show crying using one of three characters: _ ((colon, underscore, open parenthesis),: '((colon, single apostrophe is the "e" key in English mode) or: * ((colon, multiplication sign with Num Lock pressed and an open parenthesis).

Step 3

Express your negative attitude to what is happening using the following signs: colon, hyphen, slash: - / means dissatisfaction. Type a close triangular bracket (Russian key y in Latin), colon, hyphen, open square bracket (key with Russian x, but in Latin) to declare that you are angry>: - [. Angry grin: -E Express with a colon, dash and capital letter E in the Latin keyboard layout.

Step 4

Describe other common emotions as follows. For surprise, type a colon, a hyphen, and an open mouth - zero: -0. If you are confused, show that your eyes are out of their orbits - percent sign, hyphen, zero% -0. Indicate a wink with a semicolon, a hyphen, a closing parenthesis;-). Draw a grin using a colon, a hyphen, and a backslash: - \. Show the language to the interlocutor by typing a colon, a hyphen and a capital letter P in the Latin layout: -P. Kiss the other person using the colon, hyphen, and multiplication sign.: - *.