How To Transfer Printing

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How To Transfer Printing
How To Transfer Printing

Video: How To Transfer Printing

Video: How To Transfer Printing
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A situation is possible when you needed a high-quality print print, while it itself was not at hand. There is a way out - you can use any document certified by this seal and make a copy from it.

How to transfer printing
How to transfer printing


  • - scanner;
  • - original print imprint;
  • - color printer;
  • - Photoshop program.


Step 1

Make a high quality color copy of the original document. Use the highest resolution available for your scanner. It is best to scan not the entire document, but only the printed area, selecting its borders in the scan settings, this will reduce the size of the document and make it easier to work with.

Step 2

If you are satisfied with the image quality, cut out the printable part in Photoshop using the Crop Tool. After that, using the Clone Stamp Tools, clear the background of the stamp from the text of the document. This is the most difficult operation, the final result will depend on the quality of its performance. You should have a crisp, high-resolution print image.

Step 3

Press Ctrl + N (keyboard layout must be switched to English), in the appeared window in the line "Background Contents" select the option "Transparent". Enter the name of the image, it can be anything. Specify the dimensions of the picture the same as for the cut out section with printing.

Step 4

Using the Magic Wand Tool, click in the center of the print and stretch the dotted area to fill the entire print. After that, right-click on the background and select "Select inverse" from the context menu.

Step 5

Select the Move tool and drag the selected stamp onto the previously created image with a transparent background. Merge the layers by choosing "Layers" - "Merge Visible" from the menu. Save the result in *

Step 6

A copy of the print is ready, you can print it on the printer. If necessary, overlay the word "Copy" in Photoshop over the print.

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