How To Make A Link On The Internet

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How To Make A Link On The Internet
How To Make A Link On The Internet

Video: How To Make A Link On The Internet

Video: How To Make A Link On The Internet
Video: How to Create a Link to a Website - Internal, External, & Backlinks 2023, May

The Internet has entered every home and has become an irreplaceable source of information, in which you find something interesting and useful for yourself every day. If these findings are needed by someone other than you, it is doubly pleasant and I want to share. But how do you get your friend to read the page that appeals to you? For this, people exchange links. To send a link by e-mail or create a hyperlink in a forum (blog) post, copy the address of the desired page from the address bar.

How to make a link on the Internet
How to make a link on the Internet


  • computer
  • Internet connection
  • browser
  • minimum user skills
  • ability to work according to instructions


Step 1

How to find the address bar Every page on the Internet has its own unique address written in the address bar. It is located at the top of the browser window and starts with the https:// protocol and ends with the national domain (.ua - it depends on the country for which the domain is registered).

Step 2

How to copy an address. Right-click in the address bar (the address will be highlighted in blue); in the context menu that appears, select the "Copy" command.

Step 3

How to send a link to a friend: Paste the copied address into an e-mail or instant messenger (ICQ, QIP, Mile-agent). Send a letter, the addressee will find a link in it, which will immediately go to the specified page.

Step 4

How to insert a link into a blog or forum post. In the message field, paste the copied address and surround it with [URL] tags [/URL], then the link will appear underlined in the text.

Step 5

How to insert a hyperlink with a page title. Forums and blogs usually have text formatting buttons above the post field. Among them there is one that allows you to create a hyperlink with a title. It can be labeled in different ways: http, "link", a squiggle icon, but on mouse hover, a hint "Add link" pops up.

Step 6

Click on this button - a small window will open where you will need to enter the URL of the page (what you copied from the address bar). Paste it in and click OK.

Step 7

The next window will appear, where you need to enter the name of the page located at this address. Then click the "Submit" button to post your message on the site. The published message will contain the underlined title of the page, which is the hyperlink. This text looks more neat.

Step 8

How to follow a hyperlink: Hover the mouse pointer over a link to change its appearance to a hand with an extended index finger. The link itself will change color. One click with the left button - and you go to the specified page.

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