How To Get A Sticker In Mail

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How To Get A Sticker In Mail
How To Get A Sticker In Mail

Video: How To Get A Sticker In Mail

Video: How To Get A Sticker In Mail
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Stickers on the resource are a virtual gift sent to users as a thank you, expression of sympathy, or for other reasons. Their number depends on the list of contacts and the user's activity.

How to get a sticker in Mail
How to get a sticker in Mail


Access to the Internet


Step 1

To get a sticker on the website, enter a request for images using the "Chuck Norris" key in the search engine you are using and select the image you like. Save it to your computer, crop it in Paint and set it as your profile avatar. After that, stickers from different users may fall on you, "like a bucket." You can also use this for the Vkontakte social network.

Step 2

Try to take part in various projects as much as possible. It is best to give preference to the "Answers" service, where users often ask questions that interest them. It is possible that in response to the help received from you, one of the users will send you a virtual gift.

Step 3

Find friends among users of This is done by adding the addresses of people with whom you are in correspondence to the list of contacts in the address book, on the My World project through the search for friends using the filter, by adding new acquaintances for communication, and so on. It is quite possible that among them there will be people who will give you a sticker.

Step 4

Always remember that virtual gifts will not replace real friends and live communication with them. Try to reduce the time spent visiting social networks and remember that outside the virtual world there is a real world with travels to different countries, historical sights, concerts of your favorite performers and many interesting people that will help make your life much brighter and more diverse than virtual gifts … Plus, don't deny that getting real gifts is much more enjoyable.

Step 5

Please note that the service of sending stickers for users of the website is paid, its cost may vary depending on the location of the project participant. If you would like to send the sticker to another user yourself, check the payment options and terms for your region in advance.

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