How To Make A TV In A Minecraft Game?

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How To Make A TV In A Minecraft Game?
How To Make A TV In A Minecraft Game?

Video: How To Make A TV In A Minecraft Game?

Video: How To Make A TV In A Minecraft Game?
Video: I made a Working TV in Minecraft 2023, March

While playing "Minecraft" one of the primary tasks for the gamer will be the construction of his own home - a place to sleep, protection from hostile mobs and storage of mined treasures. However, as the player settles in the house, he begins to miss the usual things from the real world there. For example, furniture or household appliances. In addition, if you build at least a television receiver, your home will become much more comfortable.

Such a TV will decorate the interior of any virtual home
Such a TV will decorate the interior of any virtual home

TV as home decoration in minecraft

Many seasoned gamers know how to craft such a piece of video equipment, and have repeatedly used this skill for their own virtual homes. Any experienced player probably has his own recipe for how to make a TV receiver. Some people generally know several options for how to create a TV, depending on what function is supposed to be assigned to this thing irreplaceable in the interior.

In order to build it as a decorative element, without expecting that at the same time it will transmit sound and image, you will need only a few simple materials. From two stone blocks, you will need to craft a couple of buttons on the workbench (designed to turn on / off the device). If desired, boards can also be used for this purpose. A block of them or from a stone is placed in the central slot of the workbench - and all that remains is to pick up the finished button.

Wool is required for the TV case. You can get it in Minecraft if you find a sheep and cut off the fleece from it with scissors. True, if the latter are not in the inventory, you will have to deal with the animal less humanely - simply kill it. To craft a TV set, you need several blocks of black and gray (or any other) wool.

The screen of the device is built from dark woolen blocks, and from other shades - its base (on which both previously prepared buttons will need to be installed) and the rest of the body parts. How many blocks a gamer will use to build a TV set will determine its size.

Recipe using paintings

There is also a slightly different option for creating a TV, in which it will look more similar to the real one. In this case, a gamer cannot do without a picture - it will serve as a screen for the device. You can craft it from eight wooden sticks and any woolen block (preferably light). It is placed in the center slot of the workbench, and the sticks are placed in the remaining slots.

The picture created in the game will randomly drop an image - one of twenty-four reproductions programmed by the creators of Minecraft by Christopher Zetterstrand. A gamer cannot choose a specific one in advance.

The resulting picture will need to be attached to the side of the wool block selected for the base of the TV case, and a stone pressure plate will be placed on top of this structure. The device will be quite small, but it can be expanded if, for example, made of two wool units with the same number of pressure plates. In this case, the size of the picture for the screen does not have to be changed - it will adjust automatically.

A television set in the modern world is unthinkable without a remote control. It is quite simple to make it - you just need to have redstone dust and an iron ingot on hand. The latter is obtained in a furnace by melting the ore of the corresponding metal. The ingot is placed in the lower right corner of the workbench, and the redstone dust is placed above it.

TV set with video display function

However, since the game "Minecraft" strives for more and more realism, it has long appeared in it, among other things, to make an almost full-fledged TV capable of showing video and switching to different channels. True, this cannot be done without a special plug-in - TV Mod.

TV Mod is downloaded from any of the sites dedicated to software for "Minecraft". Then the contents of the To minecraft jar folder are transferred to minecraft.jar, To.minecraft folder / to.minecraft /, and from Source Code to mods of your Minecraft Forge.

Now that all the necessary software has been installed, you can start creating an almost real plasma TV. To do this, place a pre-made painting in the central slot of the workbench, place a glass block on top of it, and redstone dust on the bottom. To switch channels on the resulting TV, you can use the remote control, the recipe for which was indicated earlier.

This version of the TV set is good in that it will play sound and video - if the player uploads the videos that he would like to watch to the TV folder in advance. That being said, you don't have to worry about whether your gaming TV can handle them. It is programmed to play videos in virtually all standard formats.

Switching from one video clip to another is carried out using the left mouse button pressed simultaneously with "shift" - if there is a TV remote control in the player's hand. It is also possible to pause video playback. To do this, you need to perform the same actions as described a little above, but the mouse button will now be used not with the left, but with the right.

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