How To Make A Copy (clone) Machine In A Minecraft Game?

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How To Make A Copy (clone) Machine In A Minecraft Game?
How To Make A Copy (clone) Machine In A Minecraft Game?

Video: How To Make A Copy (clone) Machine In A Minecraft Game?

Video: How To Make A Copy (clone) Machine In A Minecraft Game?
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Not every Minecraft player gets real pleasure from the need to regularly extract various resources, many of which are even very difficult to find, because they are extremely rare. Therefore, many gamers regularly come up with the idea: why is there no device that can multiply especially valuable materials after a single extraction?

The mechanism for cloning valuable resources is important to build correctly
The mechanism for cloning valuable resources is important to build correctly

Resources for building copiers in minecraft

A clever cheating invention - a copying (or cloning) machine - is able to solve the problems of "minecrafters" who think in this way. It is she who allows you to multiply some precious resources that anyone would like to have in abundance, but there are few of them for each individual chunk. What could be easier - take, for example, a diamond and copy it until the chests are full of such minerals.

When the word "car" is said, of course, it is not a car. We are talking about the construction of a rather large mechanism, for which a certain set of ingredients will be spent. To get most of them, by the way, will not be difficult. In addition, the goal, in the opinion of many, fully justifies the extraction and crafting of such materials - the "dividends" will turn out to be very high.

Some gamers have come up with quite a few of these machines, but the most common is the one that requires red torches, pistons (normal and sticky), cobblestones, a lot of redstone dust and a repeater. The latter is easy to do if you have several redstone-based resources in your inventory, as well as three stone blocks.

The usual piston is made from three blocks of planks - they will occupy the top row of the workbench; an iron ingot will go to the center, redstone dust will go to the cell under it, and four cobblestones will be on the sides. To craft a sticky piston, only slime is added to the usual one.

First of all, the repeater will require two red torches. They are crafted from a wooden stick and a redstone dust unit. In the crafting grid, you just need to place it over the stick - and all that remains is to pick up the finished product. It is better to craft several of them, because, as mentioned above, they are also needed for the copying machine.

To collect the repeater, when the aforementioned components are already in the inventory, you need to do this. Three stone blocks are placed in the lower horizontal row of the workbench. Redstone dust will go into the center slot, and red torches on the sides of it. Even several such devices may be needed in various circuit variants.

The device of a machine that clones things

Having collected all the necessary resources, the player who wants to create a copying mechanism has only to go to the place where he plans to mount and use such a machine. It should be a fairly spacious and level area, but at the same time, a secluded corner, where not every other gamer will be able to detect the device.

Making a copier is outlawed on various Minecraft servers. A player who is caught not even in using such a device, but simply in creating it, usually gets a ban.

There you will need to arrange four cobblestones in the form of a square - but so that there is a gap of one block between them. On each of the outward-looking faces of these stones, you will need to place a red torch (thus, they will take eight pieces - two per block). Next, you should connect the cobblestones with each other with redstone dust, not forgetting to pour it on top of them.

A little further from any of the resulting sides of this simple four-block structure, you need to put the fifth cobblestone, and next to it - an ordinary piston (so that it moves to the side, not up). A sticky piston is also installed perpendicular to the latter (to which the material intended for cloning will be attached).

The above piston devices should be connected to each other with redstone sand - in the form of an open rectangle. Not covered by the red "wires" will be just the space where the piston heads will move out. However, about halfway from one piston to another, you need to install a repeater, including it in the circuit, and do not forget to pour redstone dust on top of it.

Now all that remains is to connect (with red stone sand) a part of the mechanism, including those four cobblestones, which were mentioned a little earlier, and the piston system. They should dock not with one of the stones, but with the red wires connecting two of them. The car is ready! All that remains is to attach a block of valuable resource to the sticky piston and enjoy the result.

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