How To Make A Machine Tool In Minecraft

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How To Make A Machine Tool In Minecraft
How To Make A Machine Tool In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Machine Tool In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Machine Tool In Minecraft
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One of the most important tasks of a gamer in Minecraft is the creation of various items necessary for the gameplay: tools, weapons, armor, etc. Without them, even surviving in this game is impossible - there will be nothing to defend against monsters and get valuable resources. Crafting any items available in each specific version of Minecraft is impossible without a special machine - a workbench.

A workbench in Minecraft is one of the essentials
A workbench in Minecraft is one of the essentials


  • - wood
  • - crafting grid in inventory
  • - special mods


Step 1

Wherever you play, in a single player, on a local network or on a server, on a specially downloaded map or in classic Minecraft, one of your first tasks will be to create a workbench. In the absence of it, you cannot even make a wooden ax for obtaining various necessary materials or a sword. The machine, which is so necessary for you, is made from a resource available and found practically anywhere - a tree.

Step 2

When you come across a suitable source of wood on your way (at least in the form of a lonely tree), feel free to chop it up more. Do not destroy the entire crown at once - seedlings fall out of it, and sometimes apples (they will come in handy when you get hungry). Plant the dropped small trees in the soil in order to regularly have wood - it is a very popular ingredient in crafting, especially at first, while you still do not have iron and other materials in your inventory. You can even cut trees with your hands, this is done quite quickly.

Step 3

Turn the wood blocks into planks first. To do this, use the two by two crafting grid available in your inventory. From one cube of wood, by placing it in any slot, you will receive four blocks of planks. Use them to create a machine. Take them all the cells of the crafting grid, and you just have to pick up the finished workbench. Place it on the ground where it will be convenient for you to use it.

Step 4

Use such a machine to create any things you need in the game for which you only have enough resources. At first, keep crafting recipes handy until you memorize at least the main ones. Arrange ingredients in the nine-slot workbench grid exactly as indicated in the crafting instructions for the corresponding item (however, there are rare exceptions when several options for the arrangement of recipe components are allowed). If you have to distribute the same type of materials in a large amount into slots - to create several identical things, hold down the left mouse button. Then the resources will be evenly distributed in the workbench grid.

Step 5

When playing with individual mods, you may need special machines. For example, in Bibliocraft you will find a recipe for crafting a printing mechanism for publishing books. To create it, place three iron blocks in the bottom row of a regular workbench, an iron weighted pressure plate in the center slot, an efrite rod above it, and two wooden slabs on either side of it. Take the remaining two cells with iron ingots.

Step 6

If you are playing with the highly technological GregTech mod, follow the recipes for crafting various machines there. For example, an assembly, with which you will connect and disconnect the component parts of various objects. To create it, you will need special resources, and some of them are mined and crafted only in the aforementioned mod. Take four wiring diagrams and place them in the corners of the workbench. Put a piston (regular or sticky) in the middle cell of the top row, under it - a conveyor module, and take the remaining places with three plates of steel, simple or stainless.

Step 7

Having no metal plates in your inventory, you will always get them if you have a special sheet bending machine. Craft it from the resources and mechanisms available in GregTech. Place four regular or sticky pistons in the corner cells of the workbench, the conveyor module in the central one, two simple or automatic compressors on the sides of it, and a couple of electrical circuits in the remaining slots. When you also have the RailCraft mod enabled, on such a machine you can create various types of rails according to special recipes.

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