How To Play Lineage 2

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How To Play Lineage 2
How To Play Lineage 2

Video: How To Play Lineage 2

Video: How To Play Lineage 2
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Lineage II was one of the first online multiplayer role-playing games. Despite its considerable age (October 1, 2013 the release was 10 years old), it continues not only to retain old fans, but also to attract new ones.

How to play Lineage 2
How to play Lineage 2


  • - computer;
  • - registration on the official website of Lineage II;
  • - game client;
  • - Internet connection.


Step 1

Lineage II is a game in the genre of medieval fantasy, which means battles with swords and spells. When creating a character, you will be prompted to choose a race, gender and class. There are 6 races in the game: typical fantasy people, orcs, dark and light elves, gnomes, and also the Kamael - a race of one-winged angels. The further development of the character into one of 35 classes existing in the game depends on the choice of race. After you decide on the origin of your character, you will need to choose a class - at first the choice is small: a warrior or a magician, with the exception of gnomes and Kamaels, who cannot become magicians. The choice of the character's gender is only important for Kamaels.

Step 2

The first few levels in the game take place in just half an hour. Completing tasks does not bring very much experience and money compared to destroying monsters, so most players do not spend time on tasks. Upon reaching level 20, the character can change the profession to an advanced one. This is where the main choice of the further path of your character takes place. All classes are generally divided into several groups: tanks that take damage on themselves, DD (Damage Dealer) that inflict damage near or from a distance, and healers.

Step 3

At level 40, a second profession change will become available to you, which will give new abilities, skills and further narrow the specialization of your class. To change the profession, you will need to complete a sequence of three tasks, usually consisting in collecting various items dropped from monsters around the world.

Step 4

It takes a very long time to travel around the world of Lineage II on foot, so the game has a system of teleports between cities, as well as from cities to zones with monsters of various levels. In order not to return from the battle with enemies on foot, do not forget to take the return scrolls with you (SoE in game slang). The system of teleports between cities greatly simplifies movement, but completing three tasks after level 40 still takes about 10 hours of game time.

Step 5

From about level 45, the game begins to feel an acute shortage of money for new weapons and armor, so it is worthwhile to study in advance the most profitable sources of enrichment, for example, fishing or performing some special tasks.

Step 6

Before you start playing, you should at least superficially familiarize yourself with the numerous guides for the game, because the world of Lineage II is quite difficult to master. This is partly due to the fact that for a long time the game was not translated into Russian, and almost all game slang is based on the English names of objects, abilities, professions and locations. A lot depends on whether you intend to play alone or with friends, because it is very difficult to pump some support classes without outside help.