How To Make Blue Or Green Blood In PUBG

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How To Make Blue Or Green Blood In PUBG
How To Make Blue Or Green Blood In PUBG

Video: How To Make Blue Or Green Blood In PUBG

Video: How To Make Blue Or Green Blood In PUBG
Video: How To Get Blue Blood Hit Effect (PUBG MOBILE) Blue vs Yellow vs Green Blood Comparison 2023, May

In order for it to not freeze when playing PUBG and make it possible to compete with more experienced users and more powerful hardware, you need to change the settings. And this applies not only to graphics, parameters and characteristics, but also to the gaming environment.

How to make blue or green blood in PUBG
How to make blue or green blood in PUBG

One way to see opponents and recent battles is to make the blood blue or green. But how do you make blue or green blood in PUBG and what settings should you apply?

How to enable blood of a different color in PUBG

Immediately, I would like to note that such a change as replacing the color of blood is not cheating and not a violation of the system, so you can not be afraid of a ban.

The possibility of replacing blood appeared due to censorship and the policy of some states and countries where natural color blood cannot be used. One of these is Korea. In order to change the blood to a different color, it is enough to follow these steps:

  1. Select a PUBG game project in your Steam library;
  2. Call the properties window;
  3. Select "Set launch parameters";
  4. When a new window appears, enter –knrating;
  5. Save all performed actions and start the game.

Why do you need to change the color of blood

Blood of a different color will be more visible at long distances, especially if there are bushes or other vegetation around. In addition, blue will be sprayed more effectively than red, which will also affect the visibility of hostilities.

How to optimize the game through settings

Another way to optimize and a winning position during a battle is to set the optimal graphics settings. The following are optimal in this case:

  • High anti-aliasing;
  • Minimal post-processing and shadows;
  • Medium textures;
  • Minimal foliage and effects;
  • Average visibility range;
  • No blur while driving.

ReShede program

And another way to play faster and better, besides changing the color of blood and settings inside the game, is to use additional software that will not affect the gameplay in any way. That is, you can take programs that will not change the game itself, but some of its graphical characteristics. ReShede is one such program for professional players with a medium PC.

This software allows you to manipulate and play with your graphics settings, making them better or worse. Among other features, ReShede and its analogues can do the following things:

  • Simulated HDR;
  • Vignetting the image;
  • Anti-aliasing using shaders;
  • Changing the parameters of sharpness and contrast of the gameplay picture;
  • Change other graphics settings.


In order to change the color of the blood to blue, it is enough to do a few actions in your Steam library, however, it will not work to make the blood green. Moreover, the green paint will contrast with the surrounding vegetation, which will also negatively affect the gameplay.

And in order to win and stay alive as long as possible, you can not only change the color of the blood, but also optimize the game for your hardware using settings or software.

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