How To Make A Potion In Minecraft

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How To Make A Potion In Minecraft
How To Make A Potion In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Potion In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Potion In Minecraft
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Potion making is an interesting part of the Minecraft gameplay. For technical reasons, it is available mainly to "advanced" players who have settled down in the world, since it involves frequent expeditions to the Lower World for the necessary materials.

How to make a potion in minecraft
How to make a potion in minecraft


  • -welding stand
  • -flasks with water
  • -Ingredients


Step 1

To make a cooking rack, you need to go to the Lower World for the fire rods that fall out when killing efreet. Efreet live only on the territory of the Hell Fortresses.

Step 2

You can find the Infernal Fortress if, after moving to the Lower World, you move from north to south, since these structures appear in stripes in this direction. Infernal fortresses are quite dangerous places, they are inhabited by efreet who shoot fireballs and wither skeletons who can cast very unpleasant enchantments. So, going in search of the Infernal Fortress, take a weapon with you, preferably a sword and a bow, do not forget about armor.

Step 3

Efreet is best killed with a bow while dodging fireballs. A fire rod with a certain probability can fall out of one ifrit. Only one is needed for the cooking rack. But get them with a supply, as they are needed to create different potions.

Step 4

There are infernal growth plantations in Infernal Fortresses, be sure to find them and collect some plants. You will need them to create a base potion. Dig up some soul sand in the Nether, it is on it that you can grow a hellish growth in an ordinary space.

Infernal Growth Plantation
Infernal Growth Plantation

Step 5

Be sure to take at least ten obsidian blocks with you to the Nether so that you can create a portal at any time. This will reduce the likelihood of death on the way back to the place where the portal through which you entered the Lower World is located.

Step 6

To create a brewing rack, place three cobblestones on the bottom horizontal and a rod in the center in the workbench window.

Creating a cooking rack
Creating a cooking rack

Step 7

Place the stand on some surface, open its interface and place three flasks of water inside. It is advisable to brew potions in three pieces, since the main ingredient is still consumed in the singular, regardless of the number of flasks.

Step 8

A basic coarse potion is obtained by adding hellish growth to flasks of water. After receiving a coarse potion, you can add other ingredients to the active slot of the rack. If an arbitrary ingredient is suitable for creating a potion, the brewing process will begin, if not, you need to try something else. Potion brewing takes twenty seconds. If you intend to produce large quantities of potions, place several brewing racks nearby.

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