How To Play Pes Online

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How To Play Pes Online
How To Play Pes Online

Video: How To Play Pes Online

Video: How To Play Pes Online
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Online and online gaming is a great way to relax and enjoy your free time. One of the fun online games is Pro Evolution Soccer, in which you and other players can simulate a soccer game by controlling the players and developing the tactics of the game just as if you were playing soccer in real life. Novice players often face problems in understanding the game interface and controls, which is not as difficult to understand as it seems.

How to play pes online
How to play pes online


Step 1

You can play PES with both your keyboard and gamepad. The second option is preferable, since using a gamepad, you can perform some actions that are not available on a conventional keyboard. But most players tend to play with familiar keys.

Step 2

If you want to play the keyboard, reassign the control buttons - open the settings.exe file and drag the L2 button to the Shift key, and replace the X button with S. Change the assignment of all other buttons to those keys that are convenient for you. It is best to set the primary control buttons to the WAXD and EQZS keys.

Step 3

Use the E KEY to speed up the player and the X KEY to take the ball away from the opponent. By pressing the A key, you immediately call a group of players to tackle the ball. To perform the slide, use the D key, and in order for the goalkeeper to move away from the goal, use the W key. Try not to use this key again - this can lead to the fact that during the goalkeeper's absence you will be scored a goal. Use the Q key to change the players you control while playing.

Step 4

When attacking, pass the ball with the X key and the arrows that show the directions of the pass. If you combine the Q and W keys, you pass up - this tactic allows you to throw the ball to the target if it is impossible to pass in a straight line. Use D to pass long distances on the top trajectory.

Step 5

If you want to hit the ball weaker, but more accurately, use the keyboard shortcut C + A. Use the E key to speed up.

Step 6

In a network game, as in a real game, there are rules that cannot be broken, and there are also free kicks. If you need to shoot a free kick, press the A key. Simultaneously press the up arrow to make the kick stronger, or down to make the kick weaker.

Step 7

Use the Q and E keys pressed at the same time to set the level of participation of the players in the attack. You can change the tactics and strategy of the game as you play PES.

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