How To Install A Skin For Minecraft

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How To Install A Skin For Minecraft
How To Install A Skin For Minecraft

Video: How To Install A Skin For Minecraft

Video: How To Install A Skin For Minecraft
Video: How To Change Skin In Minecraft (Updated) | Minecraft Skin Tutorial 2023, March

Minecraft came to the liking of millions of gamers, primarily because of its versatility. Here, everyone can choose what exactly to do at any game moment, without being tied to a specific task. In addition, players in most cases even determine how their character will look. Its skin is installed in different ways.

Minecraft has many skins to choose from
Minecraft has many skins to choose from


  • - licensed copy of the game
  • - sites offering skins
  • - nickname of another player
  • - pirate servers


Step 1

By default, your character in the game will get the default look - the familiar to many Minecraft lovers Steve's "miner" - a dark-haired boy in blue pants and a turquoise T-shirt. If this particular skin is not to your liking (for example, due to its widespread prevalence), you can try on its other incarnations - in a tuxedo, in various tracksuits, in an orange prisoner robe or in a Scottish kilt. When even they are unacceptable to you, look for other options for the appearance of the game character. You can easily find them on specialized sites.

Step 2

Once you have a Minecraft license key, installing any skin you want shouldn't be too much trouble for you. In addition, the chosen appearance will appear in your character not only in single-player gameplay, but also on any multiplayer resource (possibly, with the exception of some pirate ones). Choose the one that you like best on the portal offering various skins and click on the inscription next to it, suggesting that you add it to Now this look will be with you until you get bored, and then you can change it in the same way.

Step 3

If you don’t want to “splurge” on a license, and therefore are content with a pirated version of your favorite game, try one of the several methods listed below to install the skin. For example, select the image that you like on a specialized site and save the file with it to your own computer. Give this document a new name - char.png. Now open any archiver - for example, WinRAR - and through it go to the folder with minecraft.jar. Find the char.png

Step 4

When you crave for sure to be able to show your updated game image to others, try changing it in a slightly different way. Borrow a skin from someone who owns a licensed version of the game. To do this, having seen the desired version of the character's appearance, remember the nickname to which he is attached. Now register on all resources under this nickname. Keep in mind, however, that if the owner of the account associated with your skin wishes to change the latter, the same will happen to your character. Then you will have to look for the same game appearance again, but tied to a different nickname, re-register already under it and, accordingly, start the game again.

Step 5

Are you eager to become the owner of a more "stable" skin? Go play on pirate servers. On many of them, users get a chance to install their favorite skins with one click of the mouse (almost the same as the owners of the game's license key). However, such metamorphoses will be relevant for you only on the resource where you made such a change in appearance. In addition, sometimes you will need to install a special launcher there, the installation file for which you will download on the same pirate server.

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