How To Make An Avatar On The Site

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How To Make An Avatar On The Site
How To Make An Avatar On The Site

Video: How To Make An Avatar On The Site

Video: How To Make An Avatar On The Site
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When creating an attractive avatar for a website, keep in mind that users will judge you as a person based on your photo. In most cases, a suitable photo for your page will be, for example, a picture with your own pet. If you take a little time and show your imagination, you can come up with an unusual picture for a website.

How to make an avatar on the site
How to make an avatar on the site


Step 1

First of all, take a photo or find an existing photo. You should not choose an image where you are difficult to see. Looking at him, netizens should be able to see your eyes well, and the expression on your face should be friendly.

Step 2

Try to figure out the size of your photo. After all, some resources require certain proportions of the image when loading. Many websites compress the image themselves, but it's best if you do it yourself.

Step 3

Crop the photo according to the proportions set in the avatars on the resource for which you will make the picture on the page. Moreover, you can use the applications of the site itself, for example, like "Mega Avatar - PhotoStatuses and Avatars!" in the social network "VKontakte". Here you can select any status under the photo or add special effects to the image.

Step 4

Add any visual effects from your photo editor. You can remove imperfections on the face, for example, acne, if any. The most readily available editors are Microsoft Photo Editor and Paint, which are included with standard programs on your computer. In the first, you can change the contrast, shades and lighting of the photo. In the second, the photo is cropped.

Step 5

Edit the image in such a way as to narrow the avatar horizontally as much as possible. In this case, after loading, it will be as large as possible. You can make a photo in black and white site, add color and contrast. As a rule, for the most part, pictures taken with simple cameras have a lack of contrast and black color.

Step 6

Add these effects. Blur the edge of the photo if desired, or use a frame if the photo is very light. Use your imagination, but remember: too much processing of the photo is not worth it, as a natural photo will look much better. Excessiveness is not needed.