How To Set Up Mail In Yandex

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How To Set Up Mail In Yandex
How To Set Up Mail In Yandex

Video: How To Set Up Mail In Yandex

Video: How To Set Up Mail In Yandex
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Having created a mail on Yandex, you can immediately start setting it up by following the instructions of the wizard. Or do it by going to the "Settings" page. To get to this page, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and select "All Settings". A new window will open, split in two. The main settings of the mailbox are collected in the upper half of the window, and additional ones are located in the lower half.

Yandex creators - Ilya Segalovich (left) and Arkady Volozh
Yandex creators - Ilya Segalovich (left) and Arkady Volozh


  • - Access to the Internet;
  • - registration on Yandex.


Step 1

To customize the interface, click on the line "Mail registration". Specify where to open new letters: "In a separate window", "To the right of the list of letters" or "Below the list". When choosing the first option, you can change the design style by installing one of the proposed themes. If you choose one of the latter options, a three-pane interface will open, suitable for processing business letters

Step 2

Opening the mail, you will see that it contains standard folders by default: "Inbox", "Sent Items", "Outbox", "Drafts", "Spam" and "Deleted Items". To create additional folders, click on the "Folders and Labels" line. Here you can not only create, rename or delete folders, but also clear them, mark all letters as read, and create rules for automatic sorting of letters.

Step 3

Tags are multi-colored text labels with which you can quickly find and view letters of a certain subject. Several standard tags are created in Yandex mail by default. In the Tags and Folders window, you can create new tags, delete them, or edit them. You can sort the created tags alphabetically or by the number of letters.

Step 4

If you have other email addresses, you can set up a "Mail Collector" that will collect all your correspondence in one mailbox. Click on the line "Collect mail from other mailboxes". In the dialog box that opens, enter the email address and password used to log into the mailbox from which you want to collect mail. Click the Enable Collector button. You will be prompted to create rules for the letter collector.

Step 5

You can assign a tag to the collected letters, define the folder in which they will be received and, in addition, assign the status "Read" to all old letters once. It is also possible to copy the addresses of contacts. The first collection of letters will start immediately after setup. You can create up to ten mail collectors for one mailbox. You can edit the rules for assembling letters or delete the collector at any time.

Step 6

In the item “Sender information, you can upload your avatar, which will be seen by the recipients of letters, as well as add a signature and indicate from which of your addresses the letters will be sent. In addition, there is an option "Make a phone number as an address". To use it, you need to link your mobile phone to your Yandex account.

Step 7

If you click on the "Security" menu bar, you will see a window in which you can change your password, as well as specify additional email addresses to restore your account. Here you can also view the history of visits, which will reflect your recent actions.

Step 8

Additional functions are connected in the lower part of the "Settings" window. Here you can configure the saving of contacts, display the "Cases" block on the mail page, connect subscriptions to interesting sites, and also configure the work of the mail program. To fine-tune your mail, you must click the "Other parameters" menu item.

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