The Witcher 3: How To Complete The Deadly Sins Quest?

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The Witcher 3: How To Complete The Deadly Sins Quest?
The Witcher 3: How To Complete The Deadly Sins Quest?

Video: The Witcher 3: How To Complete The Deadly Sins Quest?

Video: The Witcher 3: How To Complete The Deadly Sins Quest?
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The task Deadly Sins in the game The Witcher 3 is optional, but it takes a long time to complete it. What actions need to be taken and what to prepare for?

The Witcher 3: how to complete the Deadly Sins quest?
The Witcher 3: how to complete the Deadly Sins quest?

The road to the dead and the first evidence

The quest and its passage will be available to the user immediately after the successful completion of the Cabaret quest. During the celebration in the cabaret of the restaurant "Chameleon" a messenger will come running, hastening to tell Priscilla and Dandelion something important. For accurate information, you need to go to the Wilmeria Hospital.

Priscilla, who was attacked, will be in the hospital. Fortunately, she survived and was almost unharmed. The doctor is watching her, and Buttercup asks Geralt to deal with those who attacked Priscilla. The doctor also wants to help stop the attacks. He will offer to go to the dead (this is an analogue of an ordinary morgue), where the previous victim lies.

The hero needs to find the body of the dwarf - he was the victim of the attack. The dwarf is located in the back room, located to the right of the entrance. The doctor will help examine the body and perform an autopsy. Then you need to ask the local coroner named Hubert Reik. He will tell you where the carpenter was found.

Search for the killer

In order to advance further, you need to find a collector of remains named Eustachius. His cart is surrounded by a crowd, and several corpses lie near it. He will tell you that before handing over the corpses to the dead, he first searched them. At the dwarf, Eustachius found a letter of their human skin, on which only one name is written - Priscilla.

Then you have to go to the scene of the crime, that is, to the place where the dwarf was found. The entrance to the workshop is fenced off with a gate through which no one is admitted. You need to communicate your intentions, and you will be admitted. In the courtyard there will be a lot of evidence and traces of dragging, stretching to the workshop. Traces of torture, formalin and many other evidence will be found inside.

Next, you need to inspect the place where Priscilla was attacked. In the course of the investigation, the main character learns that the witcher is waiting in the dead. In the alley there will be Zozy Whistle, who will order to catch the hero. We'll have to fight the guards. Zoya thought that Geralt was the killer. Then you can view the alley.

The next step is a trip to the dead, to which the main character was called by the coroner. There will be another body, which has already begun to be opened. Inside was a note with the name of the next victim - Patricia Vegelbud. We'll have to go to the family estate.

Unfortunately, Patricia is dead, and the main character needs to go in pursuit. Caring guards will pursue Geralt, who is accused of assassination and murder. But only the real killer deserves punishment.

End of the quest

The next step is to go to the Chromopod (in this case, you should study the level 3 deception). One of the rooms on the top floor will have Sweet Anneka and Natalniel. When dealing with them, there will be a choice with consequences:

  1. Destroy Nathaniel. Then the killer will not come out to find, and Geralt will be sure that it is Nathaniel who is the killer. But soon the killer will reappear.
  2. Determine that formalin was not used in crimes. So Nathaniel will understand - someone wanted to set him up. Hubert is the culprit, and Nathaniel will tell you where to find him.

Hubert is at the port, and it is there that he will talk about the motivation for his murders. Hubert is an eternal flame fanatic and a supreme vampire. The Yrden sign can help in this. This ability will save the main character many times in the wild hunt game.