How Yulmart Works With Suppliers

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How Yulmart Works With Suppliers
How Yulmart Works With Suppliers

Video: How Yulmart Works With Suppliers

Video: How Yulmart Works With Suppliers
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Yulmart offers favorable conditions for cooperation with suppliers who do not have an initial payment for opening their online store. There is an opportunity to sell stale or irrelevant goods at a discount, to offer products to a wide range of buyers.

How Yulmart works with suppliers
How Yulmart works with suppliers

"Yulmart" is an Internet platform that allows you to open your own business in the field of trade without initial capital. Thanks to dropshipping, the costs of organizing an online store are reduced. The intermediary can quickly find a buyer for a virtual product, generate an order, which is transferred to the supplier.

Beginning of work

If you have decided to just start your own business, you must submit a commercial offer. It is sent to a single e-mail box. The cover letter indicates:

  • Contact details;
  • basic brief information on working conditions;
  • files with the offered assortment, prices and description.

The average time for consideration of such commercial proposals is one week. You can get an answer both in person and using your e-mail.

Execution of the contract

If the decision is positive, the user must provide documents for the further conclusion of the contract. These include:

  • information card with details;
  • copy of the charter;
  • extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities;
  • tax registration certificate.

You will need a passport of the manager or a trusted person and consent to the processing of personal data. If there is no agreement to provide a copy of the passport, then an additional meeting is organized.

If it is planned that transactions will be for amounts of 100 million rubles excluding VAT, then it is necessary to bring proof of location at the specified address of the location. This could be a lease or title deeds.

There is a list of documents for individual entrepreneurs. A passport is required, a certificate of state. registration and extract from USRIP, certificate of registration with the assignment of TIN. If the individual entrepreneur does not have a seal, a letter is written in which the confirmation of the conduct of activities without a seal is indicated.

Special conditions for working with large suppliers

Special conditions have been created for those who offer large quantities of one product. If you can get a discount, Yulmart is ready to consider a one-time purchase of the entire batch. This offer is relevant for those who have leftovers for a whole year or more. The redemption takes place at a discount of 30 to 70% of the original cost.

The company is considering proposals from 5,000 thousand rubles. Since Ulmart is interested in mutually beneficial cooperation and getting the maximum effect from sales, stock companies are promoted both on the site itself and using the tools of the external environment.

Suppliers receive many privileges when interacting with a company. Intermediaries do not need a warehouse to store goods, there is no need to worry about order delivery or hiring a large staff of staff. The only thing that is required from the supplier is to comply with the terms of the contract, and, if necessary, to promote their products.

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