How To Upload Frames

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How To Upload Frames
How To Upload Frames

A photo frame for every taste and for absolutely every event and time of year can be downloaded on various Internet resources. There are many useful sites for photography amateurs and professionals on the web. As a rule, they have all the necessary elements for decorating photos - a variety of backgrounds, cliparts and, of course, frames. You can save the ones you like to your computer.

How to upload frames
How to upload frames


Computer with Internet access


Step 1

To save a photo frame suitable for you on your computer, you need to download it. To do this, click on the link next to the image and go to the download page. Usually the file is uploaded to several different file hosting services -,,, and others.

Step 2

To start downloading a file, just click the appropriate link or select an inscription with one of the file hosting services. As a rule, on almost all exchangers, there are two ways to download: fast (for money) or slow (free). Choose the option that works best for you.

Step 3

If you prefer to save your money, choose the second method. Click on the link labeled "Free" (on letitbit - "Download slow"). Then stop using the trial period (it allows you to download the downloaded file without speed limits). Or, conversely, take the chance to receive an activation code on your phone. If you have premium access, enter its code in the special field.

Step 4

If you download in free mode, then you have to choose a method to get the download link. On many file hosting services, downloading without premium access is carried out with a time delay and the mandatory viewing of ads, then enter the captcha (code from the picture) and get a download link.

Step 5

You can also use special download managers. They allow you to download several files from one exchanger at the same time. Another advantage of managers is their ability to keep downloading even after the connection is lost and the signal is poor. You can download the download manager on the file hosting page. After saving, run the program and install it on your computer. Then copy the download link and place it on your clipboard.

Step 6

If you already have a download manager installed, just copy the link into it (it is presented on the download page) and specify the path to save the file. Wait for the download to finish (its time depends on the speed of your Internet connection) and you can use the selected frame.

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