How To Earn Coins In The Moore Club

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How To Earn Coins In The Moore Club
How To Earn Coins In The Moore Club

Nowadays, the internet is filled with a variety of dating sites and multiplayer chat rooms. Moreover, some of them are focused not only on communicating with each other, but also on entertainment, games and just a pleasant pastime. One of such sites is the online chat "Moore Club".

How to earn coins in the moore club
How to earn coins in the moore club


Step 1

"Moore Club" is a Russian-language youth chat that is widespread on the Internet. Its "main driving force" is the baby dolls (toddlers), which users create when registering on the site and through which they get to know and communicate with each other. However, in addition to the web chat, the dating site "Moore Club" is also equipped with elements of an online game, the essence of which is to manage the created characters, receive a salary in the form of coins, buy clothes, food and, of course, build relationships with each other. Thus, the indisputable advantage of the Moore Club chat is a successful combination of a convenient web chat, an exciting online game and attractive elements of flash animation.

Step 2

The main form of money in the Moore Club chat is coins (coins), of which the wages of the little ones are made up. You can get them in several ways, which are divided into two large groups: free and paid, respectively.

Step 3

In order to earn coins in a free way, you just need to go to the "Store" and click on the "Salary" button. The number of credited coins in this case will be determined by the time of your stay on the site. In addition, you can click on the "Salary" button anytime and as many times as you like, at least every 5 minutes. Another free way to earn coins is by selling your baby doll's items and food.

Step 4

And finally, the third option to increase your salary is to invite friends and acquaintances to the Moore Club chat, who will register using your link and replenish their account using one of the paid methods. Now is the time to say a few words about them as well.

Step 5

To replenish your baby doll's account, you need to go to the "Store" again and follow the link "How to get coins?" Located in the lower left corner. In the window that appears under the inscription "Get rich quick method No. 1" from the drop-down list, first select the country in which you live, and then the mobile operator whose services you use. After that, decide how many coins you would like to receive, and send an SMS with text to the specified number. Within a few minutes you will receive a code that you will need to enter in a special field on the activation page.

Step 6

Also on the website "Moore Club" coins can be obtained by payment through terminals OSMP. To do this, at the OSMP terminal, carry out the following sequence of actions: "Payment for services" -> "Other services" -> "Social networks" -> Now you will see a window in which you need to enter your passport number in the "Moore Club", after which you can safely send the required amount of money to the terminal. It should be noted that the cost of 1 coin through OSMP terminals is 20 kopecks. That is, for 20 rubles, 100 coins are credited to the account, and for 100 rubles - 500 coins, etc.

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