How To Earn Gold Coins

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How To Earn Gold Coins
How To Earn Gold Coins

Video: How To Earn Gold Coins

Video: How To Earn Gold Coins
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A well-developed economic base in any game is of great importance. Resources and coins are needed to build and upgrade the city, buy artifacts and hire monsters for the hero's army. The development of the economy in the strategy in "Heroes of Might and Magic" should be optimized for the specific strategic objectives of this campaign. One of the most important resources of any strategy is gold coins. Without a sufficient number of them, it is impossible to advance in any scenario of the game. At all stages of the development of the hero and the construction of the city, the availability of a sufficient supply of gold moment is ensured from various sources.

How to earn gold coins
How to earn gold coins


Strategy "Heroes of Might and Magic"


Step 1

At the initial stage of development, your city cannot generate sufficient income in the form of gold coins. To develop the economy, collect gold coins, moving the hero across the map. Gold coins can be found in treasure chests, in treasures on the ground and in the abodes of various monsters. Pick up all the resources you find, not just gold coins. Later, if there is a market in the city, you can sell excess resources and help out coins.

Step 2

Gold coins are mined in the mine. Conquer all the mines in your territory, as well as the mines of steel resources. One gold mine brings income equal to 1000 gold coins per day. Every week visit the magic garden and the mill, where you will receive from 200 to 1000 coins one time.

Step 3

The entry-level city generates a daily income of 500 gold coins. On the first day, build the City Prefecture building, which will give you an additional 500 coins. Next, build the City Hall and the Capitol. They will bring you 2,000 and 4,000 gold coins each day, respectively. Construct profitable buildings alternately with the development of dwellings of monsters in your city. Otherwise, focusing on the development of the economy, you run the risk of being left without the necessary army.

Step 4

If you have army groups of races alien to your city, you can sell them to the mercenary guild for gold coins. Here, you can later exchange for money unnecessary more groups of troops of your hero. To do this, put these troops in the position of the hero and go to the mercenary guild. Exchange monsters for gold coins by selling them at the offered price.

Step 5

Conquer other people's castles. Build an economic base in all captured cities. Build up markets for better sale of resources and city municipalities. The more markets are built in large cities, the more expensive you will be able to exchange other resources in them and the more you will be able to earn gold coins.

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