How To Quickly Promote A Group

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How To Quickly Promote A Group
How To Quickly Promote A Group

Video: How To Quickly Promote A Group

Video: How To Quickly Promote A Group
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The number of VKontakte users is comparable to the population of the whole country. And it is not surprising that some of the groups in this social network have gained truly overwhelming popularity, breaking the records of visits to many popular sites. Moreover, it is sometimes much easier to create and promote a VKontakte group than a stand-alone site. But not everyone manages to quickly gain traffic and the number of subscribers in their community.

How to quickly promote a group
How to quickly promote a group


  • - computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - access to the VKontakte account to which the group is registered.


Step 1

Determine the target audience for your group. Business audiobooks are unlikely to be of interest to schoolgirls 14-15 years old, and groups with "vanilla" quotes and statuses are unlikely to attract adults. The main mistake of community administrators is that they promote groups outside of their segment of the social network.

Step 2

Update the group regularly by adding content that is unique and interesting to users. The more often you add posts to the wall, the more loyal users will be to your group. And interesting posts may well be sent to the user's wall using the "Tell friends" function, which will attract an additional stream of visitors to the group.

Step 3

Before you advertise a group, create an artificial activity inside it. Register or buy 10-20 "fake" accounts, add them to the group and develop discussions with them, comment on the entries and put "Like". Live users are very inactively added to "dead" groups, but when they see "live" activity on the wall, they are added without hesitation.

Step 4

Bring bots into the group, no more than 1000 pieces. The average VKontakte user, once in a group of interest to him, first of all looks at the number of participants. If there are few of them, then the user will most likely leave your group in search of a more populated community, considering it frivolous or abandoned. You can order bots to join your group on the Antichat forum in the section "Purchase, sale and services in social networks." It will cost about 100-200 rubles, depending on the quality of the accounts.

Step 5

Start actively promoting your group. The most effective, but rather expensive method is ordering contextual advertising from VKontakte. When creating an advertising campaign, you will have to come up with an enticing ad text that will reflect the group's theme, upload a picture and set a price for clicking on your link. The higher the cost per click, the more visitors you get per unit of time. And if you are promoting a really interesting and high-quality group, then visitors will turn into participants.

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