How To Create Textures For Minecraft

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How To Create Textures For Minecraft
How To Create Textures For Minecraft

Video: How To Create Textures For Minecraft

Video: How To Create Textures For Minecraft
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The square world of Minecraft, despite its simplicity and unpretentiousness, has won the hearts of many millions of gamers around the planet. However, they are attracted here mainly not by the interface, but by the multivariance of the gameplay. Meanwhile, not all of them know that they are capable of transforming the game world of their own accord.

Interesting textures will transform the game world
Interesting textures will transform the game world

Tools Needed for Texture Changes

To make the virtual space of Minecraft many times more beautiful and more interesting than it already exists, perhaps in a fairly simple (albeit very time-consuming) way. All you need to do is create your own texture pack. The textures responsible for the graphic component of the game are "glued" to all the blocks and creatures in it. They have a resolution from 16x16 to 512x512 pixels.

Any gamer who has a passion for transforming the gaming space can cope with the above task. The main thing is that he has basic skills in computer graphics editors. It is not necessary that he has the qualifications of a designer - here, the knowledge of simple commands in the same Photoshop will be enough. By the way, such a program is recommended in this case by "experienced" ones.

Editors like Paint are not suitable for such purposes, if only because the possibilities for transforming game textures in them are much less than in Photoshop and similar software products. So, the first does not support transparency, and this function helps to achieve very interesting effects on various textures.

Also, a homebrew designer cannot do without a ready-made texture pack, from which he will work on editing files. In this case, you can take as a basis the standard graphics set available in Minecraft, or one that has already been created by another gamer.

Nuances of creating a new texture pack

Usually the finished textures are presented in the form of an archived folder. It must be copied to the place on the computer's disk space where it will be convenient to work with it, and unpacked with any archiver - at least the notorious WinRAR or WinZip - to the same place where it is already located. This operation will need to be repeated again.

One of the key elements required to create new textures is the terrain.png

However, you shouldn't be content with just terrain.png. The other files in the texture pack will surely also interest the thirsty graphic transformations gamer. For example, custom-water and custom-lava are responsible for textures, respectively, of flowing water and lava. The armor folder contains files for armor, environment - for clouds and precipitation, mob - for mobs, gui - for the interface (inside there is an items.png

It is worth working in a graphics editor on all of them that you want to change. You can play with different shades, transparency, etc. Here, the only limitation will be the limit of the gamer's imagination. However, it is important that he save the finished files under the same names under which they were present in the default package, and in the same folders. Actually, you only need to change the content of specific files, and not their names and locations.

If some textures remain unchanged, they do not have to be copied into a new pack. This will only make it "heavier", but will not affect the functioning of the game in any way. If there is no file with a particular texture in the set created by the gamer, the system will automatically replace it with the default one.

At the end of all the intended transformations, your texture pack should be zipped, and then copied into the texturepacks folder in Minecraft. Now you just need to select the set of your graphic works as the main one in the game menu, and then start the gameplay and observe the changes that have occurred due to the editing of textures.

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