How To Register With Whatsapp

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How To Register With Whatsapp
How To Register With Whatsapp

Video: How To Register With Whatsapp

Video: How To Register With Whatsapp
Video: How to Create a WhatsApp Account | WhatsApp Guide Part 3 2023, April

In the modern world, there are more and more ways to quickly communicate, and even SMS fade into the background. One of the most convenient and popular communication apps is Whatsapp.

How to register with Whatsapp
How to register with Whatsapp

The full name of the program is Whatsapp Messenger. The program is a mobile application for smartphones and is available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone users. Using the application, you can exchange messages without having to pay as you would for SMS messages. An internet connection is required to use Whatsapp Messenger. The tariff is the same as for email and mobile browser. Whatsapp functions also offer group creation, sending an unlimited number of images, audio and video files.

Start Whatsapp

The name of the app is derived from an English wordplay. The phrase “What's Up” in English means “how are you”. Whatsapp was originally a startup that originated in Silicon Valley. The developers of the program are two people who had previously worked for 20 years at Yahoo !.

What is required for registration

No special registration is required. In order to start using Whatsapp, you need to download the application and install it on your mobile device. After installing the program through contacts, you can find out which of your friends are already using the application and start chatting. Others can send a message asking them to join using Whatsapp.

How to download and install the application

You can download the application on the official Whatsapp website. On the main page, there are four links at once to download the application.

When downloading, you need to select your phone model. If you have an iPhone or Windows Phone, you can download the app from the AppStore or MarketPlace.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that this application is available only for smartphones, unlike, for example, Viber.

After installation

After installing the application, select "contacts" from the menu. Whatsapp users will have the status “Hey there! I am using Whatsapp. " or another status that the user sets himself, incl. "***without status***". You can safely start communicating.

The program has the ability to set your status through the menu (select "status"). In the application settings, you can edit your profile: choose a name and photo, as well as set up notifications, chat, etc.

Application cost

Whatever messages you send via Whatsapp, be it text, video or audio, their cost will be zero. The app itself is free to download, just like the first year of use. Starting from the second year of use, Whatsapp will cost $ 0.99 for one year.

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