What Are Free Mmorpg Without Donation

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What Are Free Mmorpg Without Donation
What Are Free Mmorpg Without Donation

Video: What Are Free Mmorpg Without Donation

Video: What Are Free Mmorpg Without Donation
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Donate (microtransactions) - voluntary payment for any services that are not available in the free version of the game. In some projects, donation spoils the entire gameplay, since the players who contributed money have certain advantages over others. However, in a number of projects, microtransitions do not affect the game balance in any way.

The Lord of the Rings online
The Lord of the Rings online


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Lord of the Rings Online is a free online role-playing game based on the famous universe of J. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings". An interesting storyline will take players on a journey across the entire game world, which is an exact copy of Middle-earth. The gamer can also meet the characters from the book and even fight with them against the forces of darkness.

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The player needs to create his own hero by choosing one of 4 races and one of 9 classes. The gameplay is not much different from other MMORPGs - the hero needs to explore the game world, complete various quests, upgrade his unique abilities and characteristics, destroy monsters and much more. In addition, the player can choose a specific profession (blacksmith, jeweler, miner, farmer, scientist, and so on). Each profession provides certain advantages in the game.

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Path of Exile is an online PC game that uses a free-to-play distribution model. There are microtransitions in the game, but they do not affect the gameplay in any way and only allow the player to decorate his character with various things. At the beginning, the player has access to 6 main character classes (ranger, templar, duelist, and so on), but in the process of passing, another one will become available to him - the heiress.

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According to the plot of the game, the heroes traveled by sea, but soon they were shipwrecked and ended up on a mysterious island. The player needs to explore randomly generated locations, fight monsters and develop his hero. Path of Exite has a great role-playing system. All characteristics grow automatically with increasing level, but skills have to be pumped independently.

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ArcheAge is a free MMORPG from the Korean company XL Games. The main feature of the game is its scale. In ArcheAge, the player can find many ways to spend time - exploring a huge world, becoming a farmer, a jeweler, building his own castle, and much more. In addition, the user can build their own ship, equip it with various guns and go on a sea voyage across the huge game world.

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Also, the player here can join a clan and travel around the world, fight against the strongest monsters and bosses, develop the characteristics of his hero, conduct exciting battles for castles, raid the population, and so on. In ArcheAge, every player can find something to their liking. Microtransitions in the game do not affect the gameplay in any way.