How To Order A Taxi In Yandex By Time

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How To Order A Taxi In Yandex By Time
How To Order A Taxi In Yandex By Time

Video: How To Order A Taxi In Yandex By Time

Video: How To Order A Taxi In Yandex By Time
Video: How to order and ride a taxi in Moscow - Top 3 companies: Yandex Go, Uber and CityMobil 2023, December

In modern society, time is of great importance and value, so many people prefer to place an order for a car in advance. To save precious minutes, you do not need to catch the car and even call the operator, but use a mobile application or a computer with the Internet

Yandex taxi
Yandex taxi

Yandex taxi

Initially, the idea of Yandex was associated with convenience and time saving. Calling a taxi as soon as possible - sometimes we are faced with just such a task. It is much easier to achieve this with automatic order processing. And if you take into account the fierce competition between services and services, it is clear why the Russian search engine project turned out to be successful and viable.

Ordering Yandex taxi gives you the following advantages:

  • choice of tariff;
  • you can specify in advance the need for additional services, for example, the installation of a child seat or assistance in loading things;
  • a suitable machine is selected for your requirements;
  • minimum waiting time for the car;
  • SMS informing about the car delivery;
  • cost calculation;
  • storage of forgotten things, which can be picked up at any time;
  • the ability to leave a review.

Submission and waiting times

Waiting time is not a constant thing in the service, the situation may change depending on which segment of the car you have chosen. But, in general, be guided by the fact that on average, waiting for a passenger for free, a taxi will only take 5 minutes. Subsequently, the taximeter automatically starts counting, and what kind of billing will already be made, as you know, depends on the selected class. For example, the cheapest one will cost 9 rubles., but more expensive ones are already from 13 rubles. and higher.

Many are interested in what time for filing, as a rule, there are practically no problems, if, of course, we are talking about large cities. Here, the estimated arrival time, as they are also called, does not exceed 5-8 minutes, sometimes even faster, it all depends on the city and the area of the call. In general, the company claims that it managed to achieve a car delivery record, for example, for large cities, does not exceed 4 minutes, judging by the official reports of Yandex.

Zaza a taxi by a certain time

You can place a call both on the service website and through a special application, which should be installed on smartphones running on Windows Phone, iOs or Android. After opening the order window, you need to specify all the necessary trip parameters (phone number and name of the customer, address for car delivery, trip route and time) Further, the program offers to choose the most favorable tariff and the possibility of ordering additional functions (the presence of a child seat, a trip there and back, a non-smoking driver, etc.).

To postpone the delivery of the car, you need to click once on the line "For the near future" and select the item "Other". In the window that opens, indicate the time of arrival of the vehicle convenient for you.

The following pre-order services are available:

  • For the near future
  • In 10 minutes
  • Right now

Place a preliminary order:

Until recently, this option existed, but it has now been removed. The reason is that a passenger, when ordering a taxi, for example, the next day, is not able to predict in advance what time will be spent on the way, how the optimal route will be laid, etc. Since the total amount for the trip is made up of these factors, It is not possible to calculate the final cost in advance, and this sometimes causes problems with the calculation at the place of arrival.

The company points out that there are always free cars and they are located near the desired address, so users do not experience any particular problems. Still, this statement is true, rather, for clients living in the central parts of the settlement, but those who are on the outskirts or outside the city may have difficulties with the timely arrival of a taxi. Despite the fact that there is no opportunity to order a car online for a certain time, it is still possible to make a reservation. To do this, you need to contact the dispatcher by phone. A competent and polite employee will take the order, suggest the best rate and help resolve any controversial issue.