How To Link A Card In Yandex Taxi

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How To Link A Card In Yandex Taxi
How To Link A Card In Yandex Taxi

Video: How To Link A Card In Yandex Taxi

Video: How To Link A Card In Yandex Taxi
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Nowadays, paying for a taxi with a card is very profitable, since not everyone is comfortable carrying a large pile of bills in their wallet. This payment method also saves you from situations where the driver does not have change with him, or for some reason requires an additional payment. The Yandex. Taxi service provides its customers with the opportunity to pay for trips by bank transfer.

How to link a card in Yandex taxi
How to link a card in Yandex taxi

Installing and populating data

First, you need to install the Yandex taxi application. Then launch it, after which the system will automatically determine your location, for this you need to provide the application with access to your location. In the application menu (located in the upper left corner of the screen), select the "Payment method" item. You will see a list of possible payment options, at the bottom of which there is a yellow "Add card" button. Before linking a card, be sure to make sure that it has funds, this is necessary when checking your card. The amount on the account must not be lower than the minimum cost of the trip.

In the “Card number” field, enter the sixteen-digit number indicated on the front side of the card you want to link. Below, under the number on the card itself, the month and year are indicated in the format "mm / yy", they must be entered in the "Valid until" field, the three-digit verification code indicated on the back of the card must be entered in the "CVV" field, then at the bottom of the screen we click " Add card”.

The card can also be scanned using the smartphone camera - to do this, you need to click on the frame icon (it is located on the “Card number” field on the right) and point the camera at the front side of the card so that it is located inside the frame.

Card validation

After entering all the necessary data, the system will check your card for operability.

Card verification is carried out in various ways, it depends on the type of card, bank and other factors:

- a small amount is withheld on the card account. But this money is not debited and will be available after checking the card.

- you may be asked to enter in the application the amount that is frozen on the card. You will find out the amount of the amount from the message (if you have connected SMS informing from the bank) or from your account statement on the bank's website or in its official application.

- you may receive an SMS with a number that will need to be entered in the payment receipt.


After confirmation, you can specify the size of the tip, which will be automatically deducted after each trip. Tips are debited only when paying by credit card. You can change the tip at the end of your trip.

If you do not want to leave a tip, or plan to do it manually after each trip, select “No tip” and you will be automatically redirected back to the menu.

The bank card payment method is obviously very convenient and affordable. But it is important to know that if you canceled the trip at the moment when the driver has already arrived at the appointed place, then the minimum cost of the trip will be removed from your card, it may be different.

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