How To Find Your Saved Password In Opera

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How To Find Your Saved Password In Opera
How To Find Your Saved Password In Opera

Agree that it is not very convenient to enter your username and password every time you enter a website. For such purposes, browsers have a function to save data, and Opera is no exception.

How to find your saved password in Opera
How to find your saved password in Opera


Step 1

In the operating system, open Folder Options. For Windows XP: go to the "Start" menu, click on "Control Panel", then on "Folder Options". This is if the control panel has a classic look. If not, then open "Start", then "Control Panel", then "Theme Design" and "Folder Options". For Windows 7: go to the Start menu, then to Control Panel, then to Folder Options. Or so: "Start", then "Control Panel", then "Appearance and Personalization", then "Folder Options".

Step 2

The procedure is the same for any of the operating systems presented: open the "View" tab, at the very bottom of the list find "Advanced options", next to the item titled "Show hidden files, folders and drives" check the box.

Step 3

Download, install the Unwand program on your computer, run it. A new window should open. Specify in it the path to the file of the Opera browser, which stores all the information about the saved passwords.

Step 4

Select the file called wand.dat, it is located in the destination folder. Click Open. The Appdata directory is a hidden folder by default on operating systems. Therefore, in order for the Unwand program to see it, you in the previous steps and made it open.

Step 5

The Unwand window disappears. Instead, a new, smaller one will appear, in which both passwords and logins will be displayed. First, find the name of the web resource, and then it will be followed by a password and login for authorization on it.

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