How To Remove A Contact From A Group On Skype

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How To Remove A Contact From A Group On Skype
How To Remove A Contact From A Group On Skype

Video: How To Remove A Contact From A Group On Skype

Video: How To Remove A Contact From A Group On Skype
Video: How To Add & Remove Users From Skype Groups 2023, March

Popular messengers encourage interaction between members, as this increases the popularity and profitability of the final product. By the end of the first month of use, each user acquires a list of contacts, which is replenished with enviable constancy

How to remove a contact from a group on Skype
How to remove a contact from a group on Skype


Features of this program:

  • Making conference calls. The function provides for the presence of up to 25 subscribers, including the initiator of the call.
  • Video communication. Skype makes available both regular communication between two users and video conferencing with the ability to connect up to 10 connections.
  • Transfer of text messages. In fact, it is a regular chat.
  • Transfer of various files. The size of the transferred files can be any, from a few kilobytes to gigabytes of information.
  • Transfer of the image from the monitor screen to the monitor of one of the subscribers.

As of today, Skype software can be found on macOS, Windows, Android, WindowsPhone, PSP, Xbox 360, PS 3, 4 and other platforms. Considering its versatility, accessibility, ease of use and other benefits, Skype is by far the world leader in voice calls.

And if we consider the volume of the voice calls market in 2005, where Skype owned only 2.9% of the total volume, then in 2012 this volume was already 34%.

Possible difficulties

  • The interlocutor does not hear you. The most common reason for this is a non-working microphone or incorrect settings. In the first case, the microphone needs to be replaced, in the second - select the correct device in the settings.
  • You cannot hear the interlocutor. Try increasing the volume on the system. If this does not help, make sure that the correct audio output device is selected in the settings.
  • Bad connection. The reason for this is a weak connection to the network of one of the participants in the communication. Disable video calls to reduce bandwidth usage.

Deleting contacts in Skype

PC users can not only block or complain about a project participant, but also delete him.

  • launch the application, open the list of friends;
  • select an unwanted contact, right-click on it;
  • in the context menu, select the item Delete from the contact list (alternatively, press the Delete key)

Only the creator of the conference can remove a subscriber from a conference.

You can exclude a person from a group in Skype installed on a computer as follows:

  • go to "Group Management". Once you do this, the conversation profile will open;
  • hover the mouse over the participant you want to exclude;
  • click on the highlighted inscription "Delete"
  • confirm your choice.

When using the mobile version of the program installed on the iPad, the phones have their own algorithm:

  • after you hold the name of the group for a long time, a menu will appear, the last option of which is to manage the group;
  • in management, select a participant and, again, hold him for a while;
  • as soon as the inscription "Remove participant" appears, click on it;
  • confirm if you want to remove the user from the conference or cancel the removal.

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