How To Get To The Top Of Yandex

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How To Get To The Top Of Yandex
How To Get To The Top Of Yandex

Video: How To Get To The Top Of Yandex

Video: How To Get To The Top Of Yandex
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Getting to the top of Yandex is not an easy task: every day hundreds of new sites of various kinds and topics appear, many are being developed by SEO specialists, and every day there is a stubborn and continuous struggle between the “residents” of the Yandex top for a place on the first page. However, you can try to get into the top for not very popular search queries without being an SEO guru.

How to get to the top of Yandex
How to get to the top of Yandex

It is necessary

  • - own site
  • - a computer
  • - access to the Internet


Step 1

It doesn't really matter what stage of development your site is at. For our purpose, the main thing is text content. To begin with, make as wide a list of words and phrases as possible that are associated with the theme of your (future or present) site, or are used in it. At the same time, avoid general wording, try to come up with as specific words and phrases as possible.

Step 2

When the list is ready, go to the Yandex search query statistics page: …

Step 3

Methodically drive each word from your list into the search and check the number of queries. The more searches for a word, the more popular it is, and the more difficult it will be to break into the top Yandex. Accordingly, the most valuable words from your list will be the ones with the least impressions per month. Let's say your site is about pets. Compare: the query "pets" gets 142,309 impressions per month, and the query "breeding pets" - only 269. Place the number of impressions in front of each word in your list and sort, leave 15-20 best words and phrases in the list.

Step 4

Now, if the site is already ready and in use, you will need to edit all the texts on it (posts, if it is a blog) so that the most valuable words and phrases from your list appear as often as possible. At the same time, try to maintain readability of the texts (write for people), avoid unnecessary repetition of the same phrases. If your site is still in the project, we recommend that you think in advance what texts you will write, taking into account the content of your magic list.

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