How To Write A Claim On The Internet

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How To Write A Claim On The Internet
How To Write A Claim On The Internet

Video: How To Write A Claim On The Internet

Video: How To Write A Claim On The Internet
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With the development of modern technologies, it became possible to write a claim to a particular company or organization via the Internet. To draw it up correctly, you must follow some rules.

How to write a claim on the Internet
How to write a claim on the Internet

It is necessary

  • - access to the Internet;
  • - Word program


Step 1

In the upper right corner, write to whom you are addressing the claim. Enter the name of the organization or the name of the official. Here below, indicate who the claim is from, write your phone number.

Step 2

After indenting in the center, write “claim” in capital letters. State its essence. To make your complaint really effective, be clear and clear about the content of the complaint. The text of the complaint, which exceeds one page in length, is read "diagonally". But at the same time, it should not fit into three lines. The optimal size is from half to a whole A4 sheet.

Step 3

Include references to laws in your claim. Footnotes to the rules of law that govern these legal relationships will help you deal with your problem faster and more efficiently. You can quote the law verbatim.

Step 4

Include clearly stated requirements in your claim. Before filing a complaint, decide exactly what you want to achieve. End the claim with the phrase: "Please …", the request should be as clear as possible. Demand what the law can demand.

Step 5

After that, indicate what evidence of the facts listed in the claim you have (this may be copies of various documents, checks, etc.)

Step 6

Please provide your signature and date or the claim will be considered anonymous. In order to sign, print the completed appeal on the printer, sign and scan this document.

Step 7

Send a claim by e-mail, if you know the e-mail of the person or organization you need, or through the feedback form on the company's official website.

Step 8

Please keep a copy of this claim for yourself. If you are going to contact the highest authorities, for example, the administration of the President of the Russian Federation, follow the link and after reading all the rules for writing an appeal, click on the button at the bottom of the "Send a letter" window. A form will appear in front of you, filling out which you can attach copies of various documents.

Step 9

Find on the Internet, for example, here:, samples of claims to various authorities, you can use one of them.

Step 10

If you have a problem with a violation of your consumer rights or you are faced with non-compliance with sanitary standards, which may entail a serious threat to human health, contact the Federal Service of Rospotrebnadzor. On the page there is a special form for writing a letter. The rules for drawing up an appeal are also given there.

Step 11

If you are faced with corruption of officials, write a corresponding complaint statement. Go to the page: "Law enforcement portal of the Russian Federation":, fill out the proposed form.