How To Make A Site Description

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How To Make A Site Description
How To Make A Site Description

Video: How To Make A Site Description

Video: How To Make A Site Description
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The desire to open your site is quite natural for a regular Internet user. If you have already decided on the topic, then first, before starting to design it, you need to make a description of it. Or rather, write a technical assignment, which you then transfer to the development company.

How to make a site description
How to make a site description

It is necessary

You will need to accurately define the theme of the site, its goals, objectives, services and services


Step 1

The very first and most important paragraph of the description is the definition of the theme and purpose of your site. The rest of the development of the technical task depends on him. You should not only have a clear idea of what your resource should be and how it will work, but also clearly explain this to your developer. Otherwise, he simply will not be able to fully fulfill your wishes. It is not necessary to count on the fact that a professional knows everything himself. Yes, he knows a lot, but he does not possess telepathic abilities, and he will not be able to understand without explanation what exactly you want.

Step 2

The target audience. Describe in detail for what age, social, solvent group your resource will work. Whether it will be teenagers, intellectuals, businessmen, retirees, women, men, and so on. This will affect the design of the site, its functionality and services.

Step 3

Functional requirements. Requirements are of two types - functional and non-functional (special). It is better to write functional requirements in the form of specific examples, so it will be easier for your developer to understand you. As for special ones - discuss with him the possibility of holding contests, mailings, subscriptions, special promotions on the site. Perhaps your developer will advise you to add additional features.

Step 4

Standards. You'd better check with the developer for this section of the site description. But if you have any programming knowledge, list in it the standards that should be in the technical structure of your site.

Step 5

System requirements. This item implies listing the requirements for the operating system, memory, fault tolerance.

Step 6

Attendance. This paragraph requires a description of the number of users who can simultaneously work on your site, as well as a listing of the tools through which the performance of the site will be produced.

Step 7

Safety. Pay special attention to this section. It depends on it how stable and lossless your resource will work. Describe in it the methods of data encryption, storage and transmission.

Step 8

Design. Describe your wishes for the appearance of the site, its color scheme, style.

Step 9

You have described the main sections of your site, you can transfer them to the developer.

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