How To Play Warhammer 40,000

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How To Play Warhammer 40,000
How To Play Warhammer 40,000

Video: How To Play Warhammer 40,000

Video: How To Play Warhammer 40,000
Video: How to Play Warhammer 40k 9th Edition for Beginners 2023, September

The Warhammer 40,000 series of computer games has a long history, most evident in real-time strategy games. The main difference between these strategies from other games is the increasing number of new races in the next edition of the game. At the same time, despite the emergence of new game sides, the tactics of battles hardly change.

How to play Warhammer 40,000
How to play Warhammer 40,000


Step 1

To play Warhammer 40,000, in the game menu, select the most simple and intuitive race in the game - Space Marines. From the very beginning of the game, hire scouts and send them to reconnaissance and capture strategic points. Build barracks and summon squads of space marines. Equip the fighters with heavy weapons and attack the enemy under the leadership of the hero. In the meantime, develop your base and call for armored vehicles and new troops. Collect a strike fist from heavy infantry and tanks and methodically destroy enemy positions, not forgetting to drop sabotage squads into its rear.

Step 2

The game for the Imperial Guard is fundamentally different. Having started to develop your base, continuously increase the number of troops. Equip them with mortars and heavy bolters. Fortify the captured strategic points and build bunkers. In addition, after reaching the desired level of development, call tanks and artillery pieces. Unleash a hail of shells on the enemy, and then send numerous infantry into battle, continuously supporting them with fire.

Step 3

Playing Warhammer 40,000 as Tau, immediately progress along two lanes: build kroot fighters and recruit tau shooters. Kroots, useless in a firefight, perform well in hand-to-hand combat, and tau are as weak in hand-to-hand combat as they are effective at a distance. Don't wait for your base to develop, Tau units are superior to almost all races at the start of the game. Send kroots into close combat in order to bind the enemy with a fight. Tau shooters at this time must shoot the enemy using their infantry and equipment.

Step 4

After joining the game as Orcs, just build as many fighters as possible. The whole tactic here is to pile up in a heap and break the enemy. Therefore, try to engage your fighters only in close combat, where their strength and number are crucial. Use their shooters and tanks only to fight enemy vehicles and support your troops at decisive moments of the battle.

Step 5

Starting the game as the Eldar, use the speed and stealth of this race. Mask the constructed buildings and build teleports - star gates. Use deceptive maneuvers to lure the enemy troops out of the base, then teleport the troops there and destroy defenseless buildings. When the enemy returns, hide the troops or return them to your base.

Step 6

As Chaos, combine the tactics of the Space Marine with those of the Imperial Guard. Hire crowds of cultists who will serve as a human shield for the Chaos Space Marines. Let the demonic Space Marines shoot down foes caught in hand-to-hand combat with the cultists. After they are killed, throw the Space Marines and their armored vehicles into hand-to-hand combat, periodically calling demons on the battlefield and plunging enemy soldiers into panic.

Step 7

Playing for the Necrons also has its own characteristics. It is impossible to scare them, and their units, although they have a small range, compensate for this with destructive power. Since the Necron troops are moving slowly, form several attacking waves. As soon as the first wave of attack fizzles out, introduce the second wave that has approached the battle, slowly but steadily mowing down the enemy's ranks to its very base.