How To Create Your Own Mobile Game

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How To Create Your Own Mobile Game
How To Create Your Own Mobile Game

Video: How To Create Your Own Mobile Game

Video: How To Create Your Own Mobile Game
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Having your own mobile game is a good source of passive income. However, to make it popular, you need to make some effort.

How to create your own mobile game
How to create your own mobile game

It is necessary

  • - free time
  • - development team
  • - cash*
  • - ability to analyze the market


Step 1

Determine the degree of employment. Creating your own mobile game requires efforts and resources, including free time. It is worth considering that your project may take you all the time in addition to your main employment, this should be discussed with friends and family.

Step 2

Choose a genre. Game stores are full of titles, covers and varieties. Your task is to choose the genre of your future game by analyzing the market. The most popular projects from the existing ones can be found in stores such as Play Market and AppStore in the "Popular" or "Editor's Choice" sections. More often than not, projects that have “shot” are at the top of the ratings. If you search for "Top 20 Best Games" or "Most Popular Games", you will most likely find the information you need and is up-to-date.

Step 3

Choose a difficulty level. The game can be with or without a plot, with or without dialogues, the pictures in it can be of varying complexity, and finally, the plot can be with one guideline or with several. All these nuances are worth considering within the genre. For example, if you have chosen clicker as your genre, consider the plot (or lack thereof) and the person's motivation to touch the screen.

Step 4

Define a command. If you have a story in your game, you need a narrative designer, if there are pictures - an artist, if there are animations - an animator, etc. The only one you need, regardless of genre and additional parameters, is a programmer who will create code in some programming language.

Step 5

Allocate funds. It is worth saying here that you will have to spend money in two cases: if your team does not agree to work for the idea, and also if you plan to post your game in the future on paid sites (for example, in the AppStore).

Step 6

Follow the process. If you are the leader of your project and do not participate in the development, this does not mean at all that you can breathe out. On the contrary, you must be constantly in the know. Control the deadlines, provide the necessary materials to your team, and at the same time analyze the market (suddenly an interesting chip will appear that can be inserted into your game), as well as come up with a future description of your masterpiece for stores.

Step 7

Place the game on the court. Once the project is completed and fully operational, it can be sent to playgrounds (in Russia, the most common are AppStore and PlayMarket). Study all the nuances of these sites, including the possible financial costs of placement. For each game, you need to fill out a description, as well as prepare a list of keywords (otherwise, requests by which users will find your game), think over a name - short but bright. You can't do without graphics - icons in the store and screenshots from the game.

Step 8

Think about advertising. Many of the popular games do not require investments from the players at all, but they actively show them advertisements during the game in order to earn money on their brainchild. Advertising can also be negotiated in the store that hosts your project. If, while working on the game, you thought about ways of internal monetization, you may not need advertising.

Step 9

Analyze progress. The game should not only be released, it also needs to be updated from time to time, perhaps, to develop the plot so that users do not get bored with playing it. This should be thought out in advance, but it's okay if you do it after the project is released. In addition, it would be nice to look at the statistics of the game (the number of downloads, the number of payments, the number of deletions, the number of ad views, etc.).

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