How To See Who Is Looking For You In "Wait For Me" On The Internet

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How To See Who Is Looking For You In "Wait For Me" On The Internet
How To See Who Is Looking For You In "Wait For Me" On The Internet

Video: How To See Who Is Looking For You In "Wait For Me" On The Internet

Video: How To See Who Is Looking For You In "Wait For Me" On The Internet
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Many people who were once lost were able to find each other thanks to the TV project "Wait for Me". Undoubtedly, this TV show does the seemingly impossible for millions of people in different countries. However, the broadcast time is limited, and even the staff of the TV show cannot help everyone. To make it easier for people to find each other on their own, there is a special site that everyone can use, following step-by-step instructions.

How to see who is looking for you in "Wait for me" on the Internet
How to see who is looking for you in "Wait for me" on the Internet

It is necessary

  • - computer or laptop
  • - Internet access


Step 1

The site of the "Wait for Me" program is quite simple. When you open the main page, pay attention to the upper right corner. There is a search box that says "Are they looking for you?" You need to enter your last name and first name into it, after which we press the search button. Attention, the site is in Russian, so the data must be entered in Cyrillic.

Step 2

Please note that if your surname was once changed, for example, in connection with marriage, then it makes sense to look for your maiden name. It is likely that there is someone who is not aware of the changes in your personal data, searches and cannot find.

Step 3

After starting the search, the system will quickly determine if there is someone looking for you in its database. If the answer to the request is positive, a link will appear on the screen, by clicking on which you will find out about those who are looking for you. If the search does not yield a result, then you will be prompted to use the advanced search method and a link to follow.

Step 4

The Wait for Me TV Web site offers three advanced search options. In the first case, you will be asked to indicate the number of the application that the person who is looking for you has issued. But, most likely, you will not be able to use this option, due to the fact that you do not even know whether they are looking for you, and whether such an application has been issued. Therefore, we move on to the second option.

Step 5

It is necessary to enter the last name and first name in the site form, but the site creators, for some reason, did not consider the data important for the search, so the line for it is not provided. You need to drive in the data in Russian letters, but it doesn't matter in capital or small ones. The system distinguishes between both registers. Next, we enter in the appropriate lines the gender, year when you were born, and also be sure to indicate how the system will sort the search results. Two options are offered here: - by last name or by the date when the application was submitted.

Step 6

Another, third search option is designed for those who have seen a TV story in which they are looking for it or learned about it from friends. In the search field, you will need to indicate the time period in which the video with your data could be shown. Enter the day, month, year of the beginning and the same data of the end of this period. In the list of countries, select the one in which the story was shown that they are looking for you. There are only 7 of them: Ukraine. Moldova, Kazakhstan, China, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus. For some countries, an additional line will open with the name of a specific program, for example, "Ukraine (Morning)". Also indicate if a major episode or a short search video was shown. The system will be more accurate in your searches if you specify a part of the text that sounded in the TV project.

Step 7

If all 3 search options did not give a positive result, then most likely no one is looking for you through this project. However, at any time you can submit your application and try to find someone from your friends or relatives. To do this, you need to go through a simple registration procedure on the site and tell about this person in as much detail as possible.

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