How To Download A Web Browser

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How To Download A Web Browser
How To Download A Web Browser

Video: How To Download A Web Browser

Video: How To Download A Web Browser
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When the Windows operating system is installed, the user receives a standard web browser called Internet Explorer. This program allows you to use the Internet, but does not have all the functions for working on the network in modern conditions. Therefore, for convenience, you can download another, more convenient web browser.

How to download a web browser
How to download a web browser


  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - standard browser.


Step 1

First, select your web browser. You can read about the pros and cons of several popular versions on the web pages. Currently, the fastest browser is Google Chrome, but Mozilla Firefox and Opera are the most functional.

Step 2

Go to Start on your computer, then select All Programs where you will find Internet Explorer. Activate it by hovering the cursor and clicking the left mouse button. If you are currently connected to the Internet, the browser will open the start page. You can download the browser from the official website: - to download the Google Chrome web browser, go to; - if you are interested in the Opera internet browser, then use the link;- you can get the Russian-language version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser by downloading it at There are also many third-party Internet resources that have different web browsers. However, remember that it is best to use the version of the program located on the official website.

Step 3

Select the latest released version of your chosen program when the site opens. Then hover your mouse over it. After that, you have to click on the left mouse button to activate the download. When it starts, a pop-up window will open showing the status of the downloaded file.

Step 4

Open the folder with the new program as soon as the download is complete. Click on the program to start installation. Then click the "Next" button, then activate the "Install" item. After some time, a new browser will appear on your computer.