How To Add A Video To The Community

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How To Add A Video To The Community
How To Add A Video To The Community

Video: How To Add A Video To The Community

Video: How To Add A Video To The Community
Video: How to Add Videos to Steam - Tutorial 2023, September

In the social network "My World" there are collective blogs on various topics, which are conducted jointly by all of their participants. These collective blogs are called communities. With the help of communities, their members exchange information, news, videos or audio recordings on a specific topic.

How to add a video to the community
How to add a video to the community


A computer with Internet access, an account in the “My World” social network, a video


Step 1

To add a video to the My World social network community, you need to embed it in the added post. To do this, go to the community where you want to add the video. Click on the "Add Post" link located in the "Discussion" category.

Step 2

A page with a form for adding a record will open in the browser window. First of all, write its title in the appropriate field. For example, the title of a video being added, a topic, or a short message to community members.

Step 3

If you want not just to publish a video in the community, but to leave a message or news to its participants, write it in the main text field.

Step 4

Place the cursor in the post text field where your video will be located. Click the "Video" button in the "Insert" category located in the visual menu of the post design. A window with ample opportunities for adding videos will open in front of you.

Step 5

The add video to community window allows you to upload a video in several ways. To add a video located on your computer or somewhere on the Internet, but not on the “My World” social network, use the “Upload” tab.

Step 6

If the video is located on your computer, activate the "Movie" item using the checkbox of the switch. Click the Browse button. Select the required file using the file system browse window that appears.

Step 7

To download a video that is located on another website, activate the "From the Internet" item. Enter the video URL in the text box for this item. You can get the video URL on its page.

Step 8

Next, on this tab, you can quickly design a downloadable video. To do this, click on the "Additional options" link. Enter the name and description of the video to be added to the community in the appropriate fields of the pop-up menu.

Step 9

A video that you insert into your community using the Upload tab is automatically added to one of your albums. To specify in which album it should be placed, select it from the Album drop-down list.

Step 10

Below on the upload tab, you can specify how the added video should be displayed in the recordings. If you want community members to be able to view it directly on the recording page, set the switch to the "Player" position and click the "Download" button.

Step 11

To add a video to the community that you have already uploaded to your page, use the "Select from Album" tab. Click in the left side menu on the name of the album to which you uploaded the video. Check the box under the desired video. Click the "Insert" button.

Step 12

You can add a video to the community by recording it directly from your webcam. To do this, switch to the Webcam Video tab and click the Start Recording button. When finished, stop recording the video and click the "Insert" button.

Step 13

To make it easier for members of the My World social network to find the video that you add to the community, list the most important words describing the topic of the video or the entire post in the Tags field.

Step 14

Click the Preview button at the very bottom of the page to see how the post you add will look after you publish it. If you find errors on the preview page, click the "Return" button and edit them in the add form. If you are happy with the final look of your video recording, click the Add button. Your video will be added to the community.