How To Draw Your Page

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How To Draw Your Page
How To Draw Your Page

Video: How To Draw Your Page

Video: How To Draw Your Page
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The individual design of your website is a good start to any entrepreneurial, and indeed any other, activity on the Internet. Well-chosen colors and unique designs will have a positive effect on the attitude of site visitors towards you. This is easy to achieve; you just need to follow a simple chain of actions.

How to draw your page
How to draw your page


Step 1

Find software for your website. Depending on the abilities and version of the "engine", the freedom of your actions will depend. These can be free versions like Joomla or drupal, which are available in large numbers on the Internet on official sites.

Step 2

Order your own unique engine of your resource. It is not recommended to create it yourself, as it can take years to learn all the intricacies of programming. You'd better leave it to the professionals.

Step 3

Begin designing the resource after the software is selected. Determine the possible design options depending on the goals of the resource. Determine the location and number of buttons to help users navigate the site. Do not load the resource with unnecessary elements.

Step 4

Choose the size and scale of the images. If you create the visual component of the site from scratch, then you have no restrictions. Starting from a pre-created template, adjust the drawings to the available formats.

Step 5

Draw directly on the computer. You can, of course, draw all the blanks on paper, scan them and customize them to fit the site. However, you will lose a lot in both image quality and time spent. Get a graphic tablet and, while enjoying the possibilities of computer restoration, create masterpieces immediately on the blanks for your page.

Step 6

Play with the transitions of different layers. For example, start a small pattern that will start at the site header and end at the buttons. Such things always delight visitors, and they will want to return to it again.

Step 7

Use photos from photo banks or your own if you are just learning to draw. You can complement them with various graphic brushes or your own logo.

Step 8

Submit the resulting material, having prepared all the details of the site in advance. Replacing the standard images will immediately make your site unique and much more expressive against the background of conventional "templates". After the replacement is made, refresh the page and you will see the result.

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