How To Make A School Website

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How To Make A School Website
How To Make A School Website

Video: How To Make A School Website

Video: How To Make A School Website
Video: How to Make School Management System Website in WordPress Attendance, Results, Timetable, SMS etc 2023, March

Most organizations have their own website. This is very convenient, as clients will be able to view all available information without leaving their home. Schools can also have their own portal. Its creation will reduce the time parents get acquainted with the future educational institution. Also, schoolchildren will be able to view all information about their home school.

How to make a school website
How to make a school website


  • 1) Denver;
  • 2) CMS Joomla.


Step 1

Think over the plan and structure of the site. What menu items will you add. The site for the school will be multi-page, so you need to use the engine for ease of administration and filling. It is imperative to make a menu about the history of the school. Also take care of your media content. Pictures must be submitted from school. Therefore, take pictures of objects in the educational institution in advance. The work of schoolchildren in electronic format will also look good. The same goes for video recordings.

Step 2

Choose a hosting. This issue should be considered prior to creating a site. If you are making a site commissioned by the administration, and it will be used for a long time, then do not think about free hosting services. If the initiative comes entirely from you, then you can put the portal on a free domain and hosting. When choosing a virtual site, do not order a lot of space. One or two gigabytes of space will be enough for a school site, depending on the load of media content.

Step 3

Start creating a website. When choosing an engine, you can choose Joomla. It is perfect for such purposes. Don't forget to download and install Denver. After that, create a folder with the name of your site in the Denver directories. Open your browser and type in the address of the portal. You will be taken to a page with the installation of the Joomla engine. Don't forget to create a MySQL database.

Step 4

Design your site. After completing the installation of the CMS, start working with the design. You can choose a template that the developer offers, or write it yourself. You can also order a thematic template from specialists. If you have financial difficulties, then you can redo the template yourself.

Step 5

Fill up the site. A portal on such topics, first of all, should be informative. Learn more about the history of the school, ask for a short biography of each teacher. In one word, the user of your site should learn everything about the educational institution. Also, do not forget about the achievements and successes of the school and individual students. You can make a small board of honor. After completing all the work on the site, do not forget to transfer it to the hosting platform. Now everyone can use your creation.

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