How To Become A Video Blogger

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How To Become A Video Blogger
How To Become A Video Blogger

Video: How To Become A Video Blogger

Video: How To Become A Video Blogger
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A relatively new trend on the Internet is the video blogging format, which is gradually gaining more and more popularity. A short video can convey information spanning several pages of text. Many bloggers are switching to video diaries instead of the usual text format.

How to become a video blogger
How to become a video blogger


Step 1

In order to become a successful video blogger, first of all, you need to decide on the general theme of those videos that you plan to shoot and upload to the network. Keep in mind that the most popular options, such as video game reviews, beauty tutorials, cooking recipes, are already presented in huge numbers. The competition in these areas is so great that you will have to work hard to take a worthy place.

Step 2

More practical is the original topic, the video material on which is scarce on the net. At the same time, it should be interesting enough to attract a certain number of subscribers to your blog. Of course, finding such a topic is not easy, you will need to study many other video blogs, but if you manage to find the perfect balance between relevance and originality, a constant influx of subscribers is ensured.

Step 3

After you have figured out the general direction of development of your video diary, you need to register an account on one of the relevant services. The most practical option would be to create an account on the Youtube service, since it is he who is the most famous and popular video repository. Be careful when choosing the name of your channel, as a discordant or unreadable name can scare away potential subscribers from you. Be sure to add the appropriate tags and fill out the channel description so that new users will immediately understand what your blog is about.

Step 4

Now you can start shooting directly. Try to make several high-quality videos on your chosen topic at once. Don't try to record everything in one take. It is also undesirable to record sound simultaneously with the video, it is better to write the voiceover text in advance, practice how to pronounce it without errors and make a separate audio file, and then combine the audio track with the video.

Step 5

Of course, if you plan to be present directly in the frame, then you will not be able to record the sound separately. In this case, you should rehearse your text in front of the mirror before turning on the recording. Take care of a high-quality microphone and the absence of extraneous noise, otherwise your videos will look unprofessional.

Step 6

It makes sense to upload a welcome video to your channel that explains who you are and what you are going to demonstrate, as well as one or two ready-made videos on the topic. After that, you can start promoting them by inviting friends from social networks to visit your video blog.

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