How To Recognize A Potential Despot When Dating Online?

How To Recognize A Potential Despot When Dating Online?
How To Recognize A Potential Despot When Dating Online?

Video: How To Recognize A Potential Despot When Dating Online?

Video: How To Recognize A Potential Despot When Dating Online?
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In an effort to find themselves a life partner, many women resort to the help of the Network. Searching for online dating is convenient. But real meetings are often disappointing. It is especially offensive when an Internet acquaintance with whom it seemed they managed to create a married couple turns out to be a domestic aggressor. Is it so difficult to recognize an oppressive personality by relying on the text you see in internet chat?

Online aggression
Online aggression

It is quite easy to identify a potential family despot at the initial stage - in the process of Internet communication. What are these signs?

  • Your acquaintance is impatient, reprimands you for not immediately responding to the message, although you are on the Web, angry for sending an SMS, but you did not give up everything and ran to check the messages..
  • Likes to dot the text of messages with emoticons expressing negative feelings and aggressive intentions.
  • When communicating, he tends to express pompous gloomy thoughts, sometimes surreal, acting on the psyche as something incomprehensible, slightly frightening. And if you ask him what he meant, then you get an indulgent edifying explanation, after which you feel like a stupid and narrow-minded person.
  • Constantly assures of his own honesty, swears that "it was so", too often uses the words: "honest word", "promise", "I swear", "I speak the pure truth" and the like.
  • He takes offense or loses his temper if something does not go according to his plan.
  • Inclined to reproaches, in response to a request to excuse, continues to demonstrate dissatisfaction, coldness, neglect, tries to prick and manipulate guilt.
  • He is not inclined to jokes, shows a bad sense of humor, gets angry at ironic remarks.
  • Overly caustic, speaks of people with unpleasant irony, prone to ambiguous ridicule, verbal obscenities - hidden or explicit.
  • He is inclined to judge people, to glue labels: "she only needs sex," "she only needs money," and so on.
  • He is inclined to blackmail, in conflict situations, trying to achieve his goal, he may threaten to post intimate correspondence, or sent intimate photos on the Internet.
  • In conflict situations, he seeks to blame, asks provocative questions and himself answers them, ignoring your opinion, demonstratively not noticing your objections, questions, clarifications.
  • He loves to be apologized to him, humiliated, and if you are seriously offended, he becomes annoying, humbly asks for forgiveness, supplying them with abundant oaths and self-deprecating words.
  • Likes to talk about other people with condemnation, gossip, "wash the bones" of Internet acquaintances, emphasizing negative information. When talking about others, she exaggerates the negativity and downplays the positive aspects by disparaging the merits of others.
  • Constantly complains about problems, blaming other people for it. Displays a tendency to anger, tends to seem unnecessarily "cool".
  • He is inclined to boast, constantly compares himself with someone with the maximum benefit for himself, his image.
  • Likes to "lisp", using diminutive suffixes in words, and at the same time - does not shun obscene language if communication takes on a conflicting nature.
  • Tends to control your friend list, discovers morbid curiosity about people from your Internet circle, is jealous and suspicious, uses any excuse to demonstrate jealousy.

An aggressive, oppressive personality is always a problem. You do not need to think that it is you who will become a person for the aggressor who will not be touched by the dark negativity that fills his soul. All of the above signs can characterize both men and women. Of course, Internet communication cannot fully give an exhaustive picture of the person who is on the other side of the monitor. But sometimes this is enough to see what a person, claiming to be an acquaintance and a real meeting, can be like in everyday life. The main thing is to be observant, and not to flatter yourself.