What To Do If The Page Is Hacked

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What To Do If The Page Is Hacked
What To Do If The Page Is Hacked

Video: What To Do If The Page Is Hacked

Video: What To Do If The Page Is Hacked
Video: How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Page? Revealing the Truth 2023, April

Thanks to modern developments, hackers are able to break into thousands of accounts every day. If you are among the victims, do not worry or worry: you need to take several important actions at once.

What to do if the page is hacked
What to do if the page is hacked


Step 1

First of all, you need to change your password. In some cases, hackers change it (for example, in order to sell the victim's account later), in some they do not (if you just need to send out spam). In any case, they already have access to your page, so they need to block it. Use a complex password: more than 8 characters long, there are letters of different registers and at least one number.

Step 2

If you did not have SMS notifications (if any), then you need to enable them. This will significantly increase the security of your page. Even if it can be hacked again, you can easily restore access. Also, on several resources, significant actions like changing the password can be performed only after confirmation by SMS.

Step 3

Be sure to clear your browsing history and cookies. It is possible that a hacker gained access to your account after you entered a phishing site. In this case, you should definitely delete all saved data. Different browsers have a different algorithm of action, but most often you need to go to the "Settings" item and select the "History" or "Cookies" section. It is better to clear these items for the entire period of work.

Step 4

Next, check the system using antivirus. If you didn't have it, install it. You don't have to buy expensive software, there are many free alternatives now. Perhaps you just downloaded a virus that mimics the activities of users or is able to pull out passwords. It is best not to use "quick checks", as they may simply not find the malicious file.

Step 5

If the site has a function for sending messages, then be sure to check the outgoing ones. More often than not, hackers use hacked accounts just to send mailings. For example, they can write to all their friends that you urgently need to transfer money to your phone. Many believe and send hard-earned money. Of course, this amount is very small from one account, but several thousand hacks are carried out every day, and the process is automated.

Step 6

True, hackers don't always leave traces. Most often, they prefer to erase messages so that the user does not guess anything. In this case, you need to write to your friends and ask if you have sent anything strange. It is best to post a post on the wall or in a status similar to the following: “My account has been hacked. If any strange messages were sent on my behalf, please forgive."

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