How To Adapt Navigation

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How To Adapt Navigation
How To Adapt Navigation

When buying new and used cars, a lot of questions arise regarding the operation of standard navigation systems. There is a need to adapt it to local conditions in order to draw up a route for optimal movement around the city in time.

How to adapt navigation
How to adapt navigation


Step 1

Change the navigator software using the English WinCE operating system with a special file yfospa06.img, which can be freely downloaded from the Internet. Go to WinCE (Chinese) and change the Device ID using the Set Pnd UUID program, which will identify this software. Make the firmware the same file (yfospa06.img). When switching back to English, WinCE Device ID is reset to zero. Install Navitel version (take the "Commonwealth" service).

Step 2

To adapt the standard navigator in American cars on Russian territory, install a 4G WiMax modem. Thanks to the unique technology of transmitting information through the radio wave, you can go online and receive various applications, such as downloading information about traffic jams. The navigation system is controlled by touch, with a light touch of the hand on the display.

Step 3

Try to convert Japanese car navigation to English. You must have a working disk with European maps, a firmware disk, which can be downloaded from Put the car on the handbrake, remove the navigation disc, turn the ignition key one click. In the Japanese menu that opens, select the line beginning with US-T … and activate it. Note that there is only one attempt to select a row. Insert the firmware disk, wait a few minutes. After changing the software, insert a scratch disk. Navigation will be in English.

Step 4

For German cars, make sure that it has a European type Comand APS navigation system. Start the engine, remove the original disc, turn on the navigator. Press keys 1, 3, 8 at the same time for 2-3 seconds. A menu will appear. Insert the disc for the firmware, on the screen select the version you are going to install. Do not turn off the machine while the system is being updated. In 20 minutes everything is ready.

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