How To Conduct Wireless Internet

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How To Conduct Wireless Internet
How To Conduct Wireless Internet

Video: How To Conduct Wireless Internet

Video: How To Conduct Wireless Internet
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Laptop owners have long preferred wireless internet over cable. In many cases, it is enough to simply create a wireless access point yourself at home without the help of specialists.

How to conduct wireless Internet
How to conduct wireless Internet


Wi-Fi router


Step 1

If you are too lazy to engage in self-configuration, then you can order a wireless Internet connection service from your provider. The downside is that you will probably be offered to purchase far from the best equipment from them at an inflated price.

Step 2

So choose a Wi-Fi router yourself. Please read the specifications of your laptop carefully before purchasing this device. Check the types of wireless networks it works with. Pay attention to the possible options for data encryption.

Step 3

Get a Wi-Fi router that matches your laptop's specifications. Check the area of the wireless network that it can cover. Make sure that this distance is sufficient for you.

Step 4

Install the router in your home. Connect it to AC power. Connect the device to the ISP cable via the Internet port. Connect your laptop to the router using a network cable. It is usually supplied with the device. Use any LAN port for this connection.

Step 5

Open the router settings menu. How to do this, you can find out in the instructions for the equipment. This usually requires entering the IP address of the device into the address bar of the browser.

Step 6

Open the Network Settings or Internet Setup menu. Enter the access point to the Internet, your username and password, turn on the DHCP function.

Step 7

Open the Wireless Settings menu. In the English version, this item is called Wireless Setup. Set the name (SSID) of your wireless access point, create a password for it. Select security and radio types such as WPA2-PSK and 802.11b.

Step 8

Save the settings. Reboot your Wi-Fi router. This completes the creation and configuration of a wireless network with Internet access.