How To Activate The "Mobile Internet" Service

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How To Activate The "Mobile Internet" Service
How To Activate The "Mobile Internet" Service

Video: How To Activate The "Mobile Internet" Service

Video: How To Activate The "Mobile Internet" Service
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A modern mobile phone allows you to access the Internet without using any additional devices. The prices for this service are such that communication in this way is cheaper than both voice communication and SMS messaging, especially if the interlocutor is in another city.

How to activate the service
How to activate the service


Step 1

Call your carrier's helpdesk. Ask the consultant a question about whether your number is connected to the Internet access service via GPRS. If not, ask him to activate this service.

Step 2

Ask your consultant to send you a configuration SMS message to automatically configure an access point (APN) for Internet access, not WAP. When the message arrives, make sure that it contains the configuration for such an access point, and only then save the settings.

Step 3

Find out how to find the list of saved access points from the instructions for your phone. If there are already points in this list intended for accessing WAP. delete them so you don't accidentally pick them.

Step 4

Set up your phone so that the new access point is the default. The procedure for performing this operation depends on the phone model. Remember that some operators, if configured incorrectly, still provide Internet access, but at the rates for WAP access.

Step 5

Turn your phone on and off. Launch its built-in browser and try to open any site. If you succeed, then the service is activated.

Step 6

Download Opera Mini, UCWEB and BOLT browsers to your phone. Unlike the built-in browser, they do not interact with the servers directly, but through a special server designed to reduce the amount of traffic consumed by the phone.

Step 7

Find out if your operator has an unlimited Internet access service from a phone, and how much it costs. For some operators, unlimited access, in which only the traffic generated by the Opera Mini browser is not charged, is much cheaper than unlimited access, in which any traffic is not charged. In this case, the browsers UCWEB and BOLT do not need to be installed. However, it should be borne in mind that when the unlimited service for the Opera Mini browser is connected, downloading files is charged in the usual way, even if it is carried out by this browser.

Step 8

If desired, install additional programs on your phone that require access to the Internet (IRC, FTP, Telnet, ICQ and Jabber clients, mapping applications, virtual Internet radio receivers). They are especially convenient to use if you have chosen the full unlimited access service.