How To Set Up Outlook On Yandex

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How To Set Up Outlook On Yandex
How To Set Up Outlook On Yandex

Video: How To Set Up Outlook On Yandex

Video: How To Set Up Outlook On Yandex
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Setting up the MS Outlook mail program to receive mail is a rather troublesome business for a novice user. However, the settings for Yandex are almost the same as for any other mailer, although each of them has its own characteristics.

How to set up Outlook on Yandex
How to set up Outlook on Yandex


Step 1

In the main menu of MS Outlook, left-click on "Service" and select "Accounts" or "E-mail Accounts" in older versions of the program. The same item can be found in the submenu "Options" - "Mail settings" - "Accounts".

Step 2

In the "Email" group of commands, check the box next to "add a new account …" and click the "Next" button.

Step 3

In the "Server type" window that opens, check the box 2 - POP3 - and click "Next" again. The "Internet E-mail Settings" window will appear, where you will have to fill in all the available fields and enter some additional settings.

Step 4

In the User Information group, in the first field, enter your name. In the future, the mail program will represent all messages sent by you with this name. If you are going to correspond with representatives of other states, it is better to write the name in Latin, because some Cyrillic encodings on the addressee's side may not be readable.

Step 5

In the next field, write your email address in full, in the format [email protected].

Step 6

In the "Login Information" group in the "Username" field, enter only the login of your mailbox, ie. what is indicated in the address before the "dog" icon. However, the mail program will most likely indicate it automatically.

Step 7

In the next field, enter the password for the Yandex mailbox, and in the checkbox below this field, select the "Remember password" checkbox if you don't want to enter it manually every time.

Step 8

Next, you will have to specify the names of the incoming and outgoing mail servers in the corresponding group. In the field "Server of incoming mail (POP3)" write, for the server of outgoing mail write, respectively,

Step 9

After that, click the "Advanced settings" button, open the "Outgoing mail server" tab, where check the box with the consent to the smtp server authentication. Select another checkbox in the "Same as incoming mail server" box.

Step 10

Here, on the "Advanced" tab, you can increase or decrease the server waiting time using the slider in the corresponding column, and also select the method of storing / destroying message copies on the server. Server ports are best left as default. Close this window by clicking OK.

Step 11

Setting up a new account is now complete. Now you can check if the settings are correct. In the "Verification parameters" column, click the "Verify account settings" button. If you did everything correctly, you will receive a test letter. Otherwise, the program will prompt you which settings should be checked again. If all testing passes completely, except for sending a test letter, nothing needs to be changed - you have configured everything correctly and you can use your mailbox in full.