How To Speed Up Opera

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How To Speed Up Opera
How To Speed Up Opera

Video: How To Speed Up Opera

Video: How To Speed Up Opera
Video: How To Speed Up Opera Web Browser In 2020 2023, March

Although many people choose the Opera browser, paying tribute to its speed, there is still an opportunity to further speed up the work of the favorite application. And this is not the case when the best is the enemy of the good. On the contrary, with Oper you always want to strive for perfection.

How to speed up opera
How to speed up opera


a computer with Internet access and installed Opera browser


Step 1

The first thing to look out for is the automatic search on the local network and the automatic completion of the names that you enter in the browser address bar. To prevent the computer from starting to wool all its data when you enter the name of the site, just go to the "Settings" item in the menu bar. Advanced tab. Select "Network" and disable the necessary items.

Step 2

A lot of speed and time is wasted caching all the images that your browser loads. It is impossible to disable this item, but you can increase the time before checking for new versions of images on the site from five hours by default. This will greatly speed up the system.

This can also be done on the "Advanced" tab. Select the "History" item and in the corresponding line from the drop-down menu you can select "every 24 hours" or "every week" in general.

Step 3

It may seem strange, but turning off Turbo mode can speed up Opera. This will help owners of weak computers and netbooks. The essence of the mode is to show an image of a site or a drawing even before all the content is downloaded from the Internet. And this takes up memory and loads the processor.

In config, enter Turbo in the search box. Disable Turbo Mode and click the Save button.

Step 4

You can also shorten the number of URLs that are stored in Opera history. By default, this number is 500 addresses. It is possible to disable this option altogether. But if the story is still important to you, then reducing the number of addresses to 100 or 50 will help.

All in the same "Advanced" tab in the "History" item, this can be done without problems. The main thing - do not forget to click the "Save" button.

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