How To Play Kingdom Rush

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How To Play Kingdom Rush
How To Play Kingdom Rush

Video: How To Play Kingdom Rush

Video: How To Play Kingdom Rush
Video: Kingdom Rush (3 Stars)【FULL GAME】| Longplay 2023, April

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense computer game created using Flash technology by Ironhide Game Studio. Today this game is available not only in the browser, but also on Apple and Android mobile devices. Let's take a look at the features of Kingdom Rush and find out how to play it correctly.

Play Kingdom Rush
Play Kingdom Rush

First glance

Having launched the game, the elaborate, beautiful graphics and pleasant, professionally performed music are immediately striking. An uncomplicated menu invites you to start a new game. By pressing the Start button, the player enters the global map, with the help of it you can move between levels. True, at the initial stage, you can only select the first level, depicted as a banner with a shield.

The whole point of the game is to prevent the enemy from passing from point A to point B. Your task is to build defensive towers along the road, which will destroy numerous and varied enemies. From killing enemies, coins will come to your treasury, on which you can build and improve towers of different types.

Let's start playing

You will have at your disposal pre-prepared strategic points, by clicking on which, you can build towers of four types:

Archer Tower - Destroys enemies with arrows. Good combat speed.

Barracks - produces fighters who stand in the way of the enemy and fight until victory or defeat.

Mages Guild - Deals high damage to armored enemies.

Artillery - its whole point is to strike not at one specific enemy, but at once on an entire area.

So, having placed the towers at your discretion, press the Start Battle button. The developers made sure that all the initial actions were not difficult and therefore they are highlighted in steps.

Special features

When you repulse several waves of enemies, reinforcements will become available to you. Reinforcements are free troops that can be summoned every 10 seconds. However, they do not last long, so they must be placed in the battle at the most crucial moment.

Another special feature that unlocks towards the end of the first level is rain of fire. This ability must be used wisely and directed at the most powerful enemies, since the recovery, in contrast to the "reinforcement", takes a long time, as much as 80 seconds. But the destruction is spectacular, over the area.

If your troops dealt with the enemy ahead of time, then it is not necessary to wait for the next wave for a long time. You can click on the button in the lower right corner of the screen, which depicts a skull, and then the enemies will start attacking at the same second.

It is possible to sell any building that has been built. To do this, just click on it, and then select the dollar icon in the drop-down list. Note that the building is being sold a little cheaper than it is being bought. Do not get carried away with this process, otherwise you will be left with nothing.


After passing the first level, you will again be taken to the global map. At the bottom of the game screen, you will see several buttons. We are interested in the Upgrades button, in Russian - improvements. All types of towers and special abilities can be developed here. Spend the earned points on what you like the most. Each player may have their own tactics, so it is difficult at this stage to advise something specific. After making improvements, click the Done button and go to the second level by clicking the corresponding icon. Now you can upgrade those towers that you have "pumped" in the upgrade menu.

You have learned the basics of Kingdom Rush, allowing you to complete all 63 suggested levels. At first it will seem that the game is very easy, but all the most interesting and difficult is waiting for you on the next levels.

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