How To Make A Private In Minecraft

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How To Make A Private In Minecraft
How To Make A Private In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Private In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Private In Minecraft
Video: How to Make Minecraft World Private on PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC (Turn Off Multiplayer) 2023, September

Multiplayer Minecraft - on a server or over a local network - is always fun. It carries a certain competitive spirit (when it is possible to build or obtain something better and more successful than a neighbor can do), and also sometimes act together. However, there is a fat "minus" in all this - there is a great danger of falling victim to a griffin. However, even in such conditions, there is a way to protect your virtual possessions from hostile outsiders.

Any part of this cubic territory can be assigned to itself
Any part of this cubic territory can be assigned to itself

Creation of "private" property

One of the most effective ways to protect your gaming property and buildings erected with such difficulty in multiplayer gameplay is rightfully considered to be privatized by back-breaking labor. This is done using a specific set of commands and is supported by the overwhelming majority of servers (eager to protect their visitors from griffing, which is becoming increasingly rampant in Minecraft).

The only moment that is unpleasant for players who want to immediately seize what they have managed to create on the endless "minecraft" spaces is that there may be limits on such actions on various resources. Limits in this case, as a rule, or the size of the sites assigned to specific users, or the number of objects that they can declare as their own. However, the specific parameters of such a limitation are usually not hidden from anyone and are sometimes even prescribed in the rules or in the registration agreement.

The privatization of the territory gives the gamer some confidence that his buildings (and hard-won treasures in them), located on such a piece of virtual space, will remain untouched by strangers with impure intentions. Of course, such actions are by no means a panacea, because griefers are constantly inventing some tricks in order to bypass any rules and boundaries established on a particular server. Nevertheless, the private plot, plus some tricks on the part of the player himself, guarantee him the safety of the property.

Step-by-step "locking" of the territory

Before even trying to protect your gaming space from the interference of third-party personalities in this way, the gamer should first ask the server administration if the World Guard plugin is installed there. Without it, private functions usually don't work. However, it is unlikely that the response from the admins to the above request was negative.

If it turns out that the coveted plug-in is still installed, the player needs to get down to business. First, he needs to pick up a wooden ax. If such a tool is not in his inventory, it does not matter either. It is enough to enter the command // wand into the chat, and the gamer will have a much-needed ax.

It is necessary to select the area that will be sealed. Such an area will look like a kind of parallelepiped. In order for the private to be successful, you will have to mark only two points of such a volumetric figure. The first of them will be located at its very border at the top, and the second - diagonally from it, on the opposite side (and corner) of the site below.

You need to click the left mouse button on the cube of the game space where the first of the above points is located (for convenience, at this place, for example, an earthen column should be erected) and enter the command // pos 1. Then it remains only to go to the second point and repeat similar actions. However, the command will differ by one digit - // pos 2.

However, there is another, simpler way. The player can (with an ax in hand) simply left-click on the first point, and then right-click on the second. The third method of allocating territory for private is also simple. Aim at one point, write // hpos 1, and then at the second and print // hpos 2.

Now it remains to name the selected region. This is done with one command - / rg claim, and then after a space you need to enter the name invented for your territory. After completing the above actions, no one, except the owner, will be able to build anything or break blocks on the sealed area.

The gamer himself is allowed to make other players users of such a territory - with the / rg addmember command plus the name of the region and the nickname of the person who can now build any structures on it, separated by spaces. It is also perfectly acceptable to add your friends as owners. This is done in the same way as the empowerment of ordinary users, but instead of addmember, addowner fits in.